March 3, 2024

Can I take my cell phone to sleep? Find out the basic “healthy sleep” recipe for a good night’s sleep | health

We all want to sleep well, But not everyone can. In cases where there is no diagnosis of more serious health disorders, behavioral changes known as “Sleep hygiene“It can really help a lot to get some restful rest: Simple measures like dimming the lights in the house, avoiding electronic equipment, and being regular can help with the long wait.” A perfect, restorative night.

(This report is part of a series g 1 Posts over the course of this week on this topic have already answered whether “Sleeping more than 8 hours is laziness?This would still explain the losses sleep deprivationlike Measure the perfect rest time And why do scholars argue that Classes start later.)

“Sleep is just as important as physical activity and food. It helps our cardiovascular system, emotional balance and immune system. Therefore, sleep should not be neglected.”

— Sandra Doria, MD, an otolaryngologist specializing in sleep medicine and researcher at the Sleep Institute

Sleep hygiene prescription

Do you feel that you have difficulty to start sleeping? Maybe it’s time to look back at your routine and start embracing the basic prescription for communication Sleep hygiene. Developing healthy nighttime habits can help you achieve this More success at bedtime:

  • 💤 go to Sleepy bed And he got out of bed If you can’t sleep After 30 minutes;
  • 💤 Don’t take electronics falling asleep (mobile and tablets) and trying to turn off the TV;
  • 💤 Keep a file Dark and silent room, at a comfortable temperature. I can not sleep Complete darkness? Prefer yellow, red or orange bulbs;
  • 💤 Avoid Use of sleep medications without a prescription. Melatonin also with reference only;
  • 💤 Avoid Stressful discussions or activities before bedtime;
  • 💤 Run out Fun activities which provide relaxation for the body and mind, such as reading a book, meditating, and listening to music;
  • 💤 Avoid Coffee and alcoholic beverages Close to bedtime
  • 💤 do Snacks at night;
  • 💤 Don’t miss hour beside the bed
  • 💤 you have one patternGo to bed and get up at the same time every day.

What you do throughout the day can also affect the quality of your sleep. Therefore, avoid late naps, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly (40 minutes of aerobic or resistance training 4 times a week helps you sleep).

“When I sleep poorly, my body begins to break its internal balance. Your body begins to fail, your attention is not what it is, and your memory is disrupted by sleep deprivation. Our society has a chronic sleep debt. Sleep,” warns Monica Andersen, Director of the Sleep Institute and Professor of Medicine and Biology at the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP).

⚠️ and pay attentionIf you continue to experience sleep problems after changing your routine and sleep, see a doctor.

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