June 25, 2024

Can you find the empty mug in 7 seconds max?

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Can you find the empty mug in 7 seconds max?

the exams When you need to locate something, find a bug or discover hidden information, it may seem silly at first glance, however, it is perfect for those people who want to develop their intellectual abilities without much effort.

Of course, if you want to improve your Knowledge, it is necessary to study in the respective subject. But if your goal is to improve your mental skills, such as reading comprehension and observation, then quizzes like the ones in this post are great for quick and fun learning.

You might be thinking: how can a simple game of 7 mistakes help develop your thinking? Well, it is no wonder that even today in primary schools, tests are used to find errors or locate objects to teach children, they are ideal for developing areas of our brain focused on perception and logical thinking.

Therefore, quizzes involving charades are also interesting for training your head. the brainAlthough it is a part of the nervous system of our body, it is also considered a muscle, so exercise it.

Can you find the empty cup?

So how does the test work? Simple, you need to find an empty cup in the image below among several cups with different contents. It is important to stress that testing can, at the same time, be simple, but not easy. It all depends on the conditions you are exposed to, like low weather for example.

Putting yourself in more difficult situations is also important for your development LogicBecause stressful or stressful situations can cause you to worry and distract you from what is necessary.

Having said that, do the following: Set an alarm or timer on your cell phone and set the time to 7 seconds. In this short time, locate the empty cup. That’s all you need to do now.

Photo: Dudolf.com

In the event that you cannot solve the test in the allotted time, do not immediately look at the answer in picture Below, go back to the picture without an answer and reduce the time you had before, since you already spent time looking at the picture.

Keep reducing the time to about 4 or 3 seconds, and if you don’t succeed or give up, see the next answer below. In the model’s photo, you can find the empty mug in the left corner, as indicated by the blue semicircle below.

See where the empty cup has been all along:

Photo: Dudolf.com

Find other similar tests, simpler or more complex, but don’t give up completely. Keep practicing Logic This way soon it will be easier to solve problems and questions.

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