February 27, 2024

Cândida is attacked by her rival and Luana arrives on time, preventing the event


Antonio La Silva’s wife tries to get the innkeeper out of her way, but she will be stopped

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Not knowing what to get into trying to defend Caio (Cauã Reymond), Cândida (Susana Vieira) is in the dispute over La Selva’s inheritance. Without fear of danger, the owner of the tavern falls into the hands of Irene (Gloria Perez), who intends to do everything for her son Daniel (Johnny Massaro) to take Antonio’s place in the family business. In today’s class, Cândida will have a conversation with Irene and threaten to reveal the villain’s secret.

But what you don’t expect is that the wife of Antonio La Silva (Tony Ramos) is determined to do anything not to reveal her life. Irene is going to take a pillow to try and kill the choking innkeeper, but her plan doesn’t go as expected. Fortunately for Cândida, Luana (Valéria Barcellos) will overhear the conversation behind the door and when she realizes something is wrong, she enters the room and catches the attempted murder. “What is happening?the girl asks when she hears her friend cough.

Irene tries to turn the situation around so it doesn’t look like she’s been doing anything suspicious. “She was having a coughing fit, and I was moving the pillow around to make her more comfortable. Are you feeling better now, honey?”Cândida was in shock, unable to react to the situation and even remaining silent, she ends up hearing a threat from her rival. “Whatever happens, know that I will always be there. Next.”Erin says threateningly before leaving.

Candida understands Caio’s stepmother’s message after seeing death with her own eyes. In a sarcastic tone, the villain, unable to curb her arrogance, leaves the scene, showing that she is ready to beat anyone who tries to put an end to her plans. “I’m leaving. Any problem, call me. No need to follow me. I know the way.”“, finish.