February 28, 2024

“It’s an artistic tool for acting.”


Gabriel Santana co-hosts the “Tô na Trace” podcast, presenters Joao Luiz Pedrosa and Zan Ravelli at Globoplay

Gabriel Santana talks about his sexuality and his relationship with fashion
© Clone / MultishowGabriel Santana talks about his sexuality and his relationship with fashion

In the first episode of the podcast “I’m on the trail,” presenters Joao Luiz Pedrosa that it Zahn Ravelli Receiving the actor Gabriel Santana To have a conversation about profession, sex and music. The chat will be broadcast on Thursday (25th), on all audio platforms. After the exhibition it will be available free of charge on globalplay.

Gabriel Santana is best known for playing Mosca, one of the protagonists of the remake of Chiquititas in 2013. The actor remembers from a young age his career. “I started my career under the influence of my sister who dreamed of being a model. At that time, my mother took us for a photo shoot, and even though I didn’t want to, I started running at the age of 11. It became a hobby. At the age of 13, I had An opportunity to audition for the TV series Chiquititas and it was there that I discovered that I wanted to be an actor.”He says.

Gabriel Santana on the podcast – Photo: Globoplay

During his time on BBB 23, the artist stood out for his unique style, showing his personality in his looks and hairstyles. Gabriel says about the relationship with fashion. “I saw fashion as a resting place, but as I began to understand myself as a bisexual person and to bully myself more, especially around 3 years ago, I realized that fashion is an artistic tool for representation, as well as an opportunity to assert myself as a resistance.”

When asked about how the internet views his sexuality, the actor said: “Coming from the art world, I’ve always viewed sexual orientation in a very quiet way, even though I’ve identified myself as a straight man for a long time, it was a moment of deconstruction in my identity”.