February 28, 2024

Terra e Paixão: Accused of murder, Aline receives unexpected help and injustice is avoided; Antonio is responsible for the crime: “I was surprised”


Antonio La Silva will make it clear that he will not give peace to the protagonist and will do so again

Image: Reproduction/Globo
Image: Reproduction/Globo

In the previous chapters of Earth and passion, Caio (Kawa Raymón) saved the life of Aline (Barbara Reis) and prevented the young woman and her son João (Mateos Assis) from being killed by order of Antonio La Silva (Tony Ramos). Samuel (Ítalo Martins) wasn’t so lucky, but his brother was Daniel Johnny Massaro has already shown he intends to take care of the widow.

Irene’s nemesis (Gloria Perez) even bought the seeds of the co-op to help heiress Josara (Tatiana Tibursio). The lover receives “help” from Ademir (Charles Fricks) and offers it to the protagonist, which makes Antonio furious, because the rural producer wants the rival’s land at any cost.

Image: Reproduction/Globo

Allen is accused of murder

After sending a letter to Isabel (Jasmine Gumlevsky), intending to denounce the crimes of the La Silva family patriarch, Allen accused of killing her friend. The journalist turns up dead on the girl’s property, specifically to incriminate her. Erin’s husband, by the way, would ask someone to make a false statement and claim that the victim would have been threatened by her crush. Jonathan (Paolo Lissa), according to the information in the summary of the novels on the portal.

Kayo saves Aline again

About to be caught, Kaio Allen will be rescued again. The handsome man will again face his father, and at first he will be able to avoid injustice. It is worth noting that, according to Andre Romano of the Observatory TV, Isabel will die at the hands of Ramiro (Amauri Lorenzo). “Isabelle with a bag. It’s close to the fence. Attention sound design: You can hear the noise of people approaching. Isabel is surprised. The camera detects Ramiro. The camera also reveals Kelvin in the distance, unseen “, would be an excerpt from author Walcyr Carrasco’s text.