June 7, 2023

She looks beautiful: the artist transforms Penelope Sharmosa into a real person of flesh and blood

Penelope Sharmosa Problems

Playback Pictures/Hanna-Barbera Productions/CBS/Cartoon Network

animation “Crazy raceOriginally released in 1968. In the plot, ten drivers participate in a race with air-conditioned cars full of possessions to help them reach the finish.

One of the pilots is Dick Figarsta, a proud competitor who will do anything to leave his opponents behind. Another runner is Penelope Sharmosa, who is known for her glamor and unmistakable pink car.

She got her own show called “Penelope Sharmosa ProblemsProduced by Hanna-Barbera. In the plot, the beautiful Penelope, heiress to a great fortune, takes part in many adventures around the world and is always saved by the Death Gang.

The villain and mentor, Sylvester Hiccup, attempts to kill her to preserve her fortune, disguised as Tiao Gaviao. Penelope never doubted his true intentions.

Cameraman Bruno Mora Create amazing photorealistic art, and turn your character into a real person on Instagram. Bruno also created realistic versions of other major characters in “Corrida Wacky”. The result looks really cool and gives a hint of what Penelope Sharmosa would look like if it were real.

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