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Solange Gomez’s daughter denies kissing Gabriel Rosa, calls him ugly and says: “humiliating”

Stephanie talks about and scolds Gabrielle Rosa – Image: Clone

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Posted on 05/26/2023 at 11:09:00 am
Updated 5/26/2023 at 11:35:27 am

Solange Gomez’s daughter, Natalia Deodato questioned Stephanie Gomez if she kissed Gabriel Rosa in A Grande Conquista, by Record. She did not hesitate to respond and shoot: “no! It’s so ugly!“.

“It’s insulting to me. I don’t like it,” Stephanie added. “Don’t talk like that, buddy! Don’t talk like that, no. He’s so cute, yeah,” the ex BBB said of his ex, Bea Miranda.

“Wow, Stephanie! I already told you not to talk that way. Yeah, I told you not to talk that way,” scolded Julia Garcia, a former Chiquititas employee.

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Quickly, Stephanie started blowing up on the Internet. “Beautiful said, calling the others ugly,” Anderson sneered. Paolo said: “Soft, not her style, but humiliation? Nobody forces her to do anything… If it’s the other way around, to talk about it, huh…”.

And Sarah went further: “You guys, you guys, what a silly girl to say that about Gabriel. Who is she to say that about a boy? What kind of prejudice is that?”.

However, Attilat perked up on the microblog by saying, “He’s really ugly, you guys. Can’t you find an ugly one now? Oh, come on.”

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