March 1, 2024

Cara de Sabato and Amanda count the target votes for Paredão at BBB 23 | party

Amanda and Cara de Sabato speculate on the brothers’ voices in the upcoming Paradão

During a party at BBB 23’s house, Cara de Sabato talks with Amanda about Paredão’s next target. The fighter asks, “How many people do you think will go to Friedau?”

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“I, you, I think Larry is going too, because yesterday she and Fred were lying in bed and she said that the enemies of the two of them had left, in this case Christian,” the sister replied.

In the conversation, Amanda says, Larissa said that she should vote with them, because her competitors in the game have already left. Afterwards, she and Kara Di Sabato deduce that Allen Werley, Bruna, and Jimmy can also vote out Fred Nicasio. The doctor asks the fighter if he thinks Key Alves and Gustavo would do the same, but the athlete thinks it’s still too soon to do so.

Amanda says she wants to be a leader to run Fred Nicasio directly to Baridao. Then bet that Fred should vote out Domitilla.

Cara de Sabato and Amanda on Brother in Baridao: ‘I Want to Get an Answer’

“I want to get an answer,” says Cara Di Sabato, who has been feuding with Fred Nicasio since he returned from the secret room. Amanda agrees and adds, “Seeing if I’m really wrong, if that makes sense. People out there see that too, you know?”.

“But I think he will collect the votes from the other side. Gabrielzinho could go with him, I think maybe Black because of the insecurity and fear that he will go. Domi. He and Domi are very close,” Amanda evaluates.

Then Sapato Face talks about the Queridometer. “I think he gave me that bag,” says the fighter. “I thought he was too, or he was black,” says Amanda. The MMA fighter denies it to his face and says he spoke to the nurse. “I asked Black, Black is honest, he’s a great guy. He adds points with me,” Cara de Sabato says.

Cara de Sabato and Amanda plan a goal for Baridao at BBB 23 – Photo: Globo

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