February 25, 2024

Artist transforms Elsa from Frozen into a real person

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Photo – Disclosure / Walt Disney Pictures

Personal Elsa from Arendellebetter known as Elsa, became the 53rd character created by the studios Pictures of Walt Disney. She appeared in the movie “Frozen”, and became a hit with children and young adults.

Not many know, but it is based on the fairy tale “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen. Known for her icy heart, Elsa became quite a challenge for the movie adaptation.

After long planning, Disney executives came to a consensus and decided to cast her alongside her sister Anna, making the story everyone knows today. In contrast to the short stories, she is presented as a sympathetic but often misunderstood character.

After her appearance in the cartoon, the Ice Queen was praised by critics, and became one of Disney’s most popular names.

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Artist Hidreley Diao decided to show what the human version of the character would look like. Along with DreamWorks’ Jack, he’s turned animated characters into flesh-and-blood people, and he’s been getting raves on Instagram.

Diao was careful to preserve all of Elsa and Jack’s physical features, making them as realistic as possible.