September 24, 2023
Carell assesses tie between Santos and Ciara and praises tactical scheme: 'Good answer'

Carell assesses tie between Santos and Ciara and praises tactical scheme: ‘Good answer’

Coach Fábio Carille agreed with reservations about Santos’ performance in a 0-0 draw with Ciara This Saturday, in Castellao, for the 21st round of the Brazilian Championship.

With the new tactical scheme with three defenders, Peixe defended well. But the team did not manage to attack. Marinho lost a penalty kick in the first half.

“Since we got here we’ve started to discover the possibility of a good response from three defenders. At four-and-a-half, it’s my first experience. It’s not my favourite, but I think with a quality squad he can match well like this. The team has responded. Already doing well. And now we have a clean week to work already. It’s been a very short time for training. We’ve given an answer, we can play like this and the results will come,” said Carell, before. Comment on bad grass.

“It’s not in the best condition. We wanted to put the ball on the ground and it got in the way and at other times we made wrong decisions. We will correct it from Tuesday’s training.”

The Santos captain also spoke of Mario’s mistake in the maximum penalty kick.

He concluded: “It’s part of that, we’ve put in the strength to keep playing. We’ll take that weight off as soon as possible with a victory as soon as possible.”

Santos will return to the field to face Juventus, at the Alfredo Gaccone Stadium, on the 26th. Pixie has not won in nine matches and is Brazil’s number 13, with Sao Paulo and America-MG likely to overtake him during the tour.

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