July 14, 2024

From Funding to Structure: Five Points to Understanding Paraná’s Fall from Serie A to Serie A | Parana Club

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From Funding to Structure: Five Points to Understanding Paraná's Fall from Serie A to Serie A |  Parana Club
From Funding to Structure: Five Points to Understanding Paraná's Fall from Serie A to Serie A |  Parana Club

Founded in 1989 and an established figure in elite Brazilian football in the 1990s and early 2000s, it was Parana Club You’ll compete in Serie B for the first time in 2022. Tricolor played Serie A in 2018, but saw the crisis – which was already there – deepening He suffered a drop in his grades three times in just four years.

Parana leave Serie A in 2018 to Serie A in 2022; Understanding why – Photo: Arte / ge

The financial crisis is the main cause, but this free fall has other explanations. Understand below:

Parana has suffered from the mismanagement of several managers in recent years. With that said, the club delayed their salaries, watched players (including promises from the base) leave for free and lost lawsuits in court. For a long time, these problems were overcome by the “Tricolor”, who played in the second division for 10 consecutive years (from 2008 to 2017) and even reached the elite in 2018.

But the snowball—forming over years and years, it’s worth noting—was expensive. In recent years, Paraná has had few resources to invest in football, which culminated in the fall to Serie B in 2018, to Serie A in the 2020 season (which ended in 2021) and to Serie B now.

The last balance sheet, released in May, recorded a deficit of R$20 million in 2020. Debt exceeds 140 million Brazilian riyals.

Because of this financial crisis, Paraná Clube has hired dozens of players and even coaches at a low price every season. Many of them did not give the expected result. As a result, Tricolor has undergone a rotation of players and coaches in recent years.

Only in 2021 there were 39 contracts and 30 matches – 24 victims contracted for this season. (see list)

Among the squad that made their debut in the 2021 season, in the 1-0 loss to Cianorte, striker Hugo Sanchez was the only one left at the club – who was injured in March and does not play anymore. On the edge of the lawn, Tricolor had Maurílio Silva, Sílvio Criciúma and Jorge Ferreira.

Rotate up the heads

Changes became popular not only on the field and in the reserve bank, but even on the board.

NS Then President Leonardo OliveiraFor example, he resigned shortly before relegation to Serie A. Sergio Molita He entered on a temporary basis, but requested permission to be Covid-19, allowing Luiz Carlos Casagrande, better known as Casinha, to take over the presidency for being the first vice president. Finally, Rubens Ferreira won the election and took office last week.

In the past ten years, Parana has had seven different presidents. In other words, each term lasted – on average – less than two years: Aquilino Romani (2010-11), Aramis Tissot (2011-12), Rubens Bohlin (2013-15), Leonardo Oliveira (2016-2021), Sergio Molita (2021), Luiz Carlos Casagrande (2015 and 2021, by proxy) and Rubens Ferreira (2021).

The Temple, From Wealth to Abandonment

Paraná had an enviable build in the 1990s, with Vila Capanema and Vila Olímpica (yes, two stadiums with a capacity of over 10,000), as well as subsidiary headquarters Kennedy and Taruma. Tricolor was a reference for a football club and a social club.

But mismanagement was costly. The Olympic Village, practically deserted, is used only for basic games and training. TAROMA HQ It was auctioned for “only” R$30 million in 2013same fate, Boqueirão headquarters, for 7 million Brazilian real, which are under judicial discussion.

me and Kennedy’s sub-headquarters will be up for auction On account of a debt of R$35 million with Bacen – the club claims the land cannot be sold or auctioned. CT Ninho da Gralha lost to a former sponsor Debt of 28 million Brazilian riyals – The club can use the site for free until 2023 only.

The current season represents a “summary” of all the mistakes made in recent years, with alternating players, coaches and chiefs. Parana Klopp has employed nearly 40 players, but 25 of them are no longer at the club, such as goalkeeper Renan, right-back Alex Morrissey and midfielder Maxi Rodriguez.

The three-color palette then entered into a partnership with FDA Sports. The company promised to invest R$2.9 million in 2021, divided into seven installments of just over R$400,000. After a long telenovela, the partnership ended and Paraná was left without receiving most of the money. Without resources, Paraná won only three wins in 16 matches and fell after São Jose-RS beat the West.

A ’90s feel and found in the 2018 Series A, Paraná will attempt to rebuild itself from the 2022 Series D.

  • 1990 – Series J
  • 1991 – Series B
  • 1992 – Series B
  • 1993 – Series A
  • 1994 – Series A
  • 1995 – Series A
  • 1996 – Series A
  • 1997 – Series A
  • 1998 – Series A
  • 1999 – Series A
  • 2000 – Yellow Unit (made up of teams from the B and C series)
  • 2001 – Series A
  • 2002 – Series A
  • 2003 – Series A
  • 2004 – Series A
  • 2005 – Series A
  • 2006 – Series A
  • 2007 – Series A
  • 2008 – Series B
  • 2009 – Series B
  • 2010 – Series B
  • 2011 – Series B
  • 2012 – Series B
  • 2013 – Series B
  • 2014 – Series B
  • 2015 – Series B
  • 2016 – Series B
  • 2017 – Series B
  • 2018 – Series A
  • 2019 – Series B
  • 2020 – Series B
  • 2021 – Series C
  • 2022 – Series D

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