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Herta wins at Laguna Seca on Grosjean Party Day. Balu is in second place

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Herta wins at Laguna Seca on Grosjean Party Day.  Balu is in second place
Herta wins at Laguna Seca on Grosjean Party Day.  Balu is in second place

Colton Hertha Dominate and win again on the day of the party Romain Grosjean Laguna Seca GP. This Sunday (19), the American won for the second time in 2021 and took the podium with the virtual champion, Alex Ballou, H Grogan.

Colton’s victory was the American’s second in the California mix and the fourth in the family, as earned by his father, Brian, in 1998 and 1999. Joseph Newgarden Alive, but with the Catalans on the verge of victory: With 54 points at stake, Alex has 517, Pato with 482, and Joseph, with 469.

From fighting for the championship, but having had a great year, Grosjean’s performance was unforgettable. Aggressively, he collected overtakes at the most varied points on the track, and eventually, he went from 13th to third, and almost put a dent in Balu.

Graham Rahal He had another great race to cross the finish line in fourth, ahead of Patou Award who arrives, at least, with sporting chances in the decision. Marcus Ericsson, the sixth, formally left the dispute.

Newgarden finished seventh, in another excellent race to recover, but that wouldn’t serve the dream of winning a three-time title. Simon PagenaudAnd Oliver Asco Ed Jones completed the top ten, with Scott DixonHe came out of the fray in thirteenth place and Helio Castroneves in twenty-fourth.

the end of dew Happening next Sunday, with the streets long beach Determining the 2021 season champion. Palou, O’Ward and Newgarden determine who will receive the trophy.

Colton Herta got better than Palou and Grosjean at Laguna Seca (Photo: IndyCar)

Check GP from dry lake

Indy left for the California race at 4:30 p.m. (in Brasilia). Colton Hertha came out well and grabbed the straw Alexander RossiAnd Willpower, Alex Ballou, Scott Dixon and Pato featured in the sequel. Oliver Askew performed very poorly, dropping to ninth place.

In depth, Romain Grosjean did well, from 13th to 10th, with Joseph Newgarden taking some ground in 16th. The confusion started with Felix Rosenqvist Run, but go back in time to avoid the yellow flag.

But on lap 2, yellow appeared. Herta climbed to the ground, Rossi thought he could dive, pushed his partner and touched him. Alex got the worst of it and rolled to the ground, slipping back to the finish and stopping the race.

The restart came on lap 4, with Hertha, Bauer, Balu and Dixon taking the top positions. With the hard tyres, Pato had already started his ordeal again, losing his positions to Ericsson and Bagnaud. Newgarden came in 15th while Helio Castroneves came in 19th.

Early in the ninth lap, Penske modified his tactics and took the Newgarden hard tires, putting the soft tires a close second. But he did the same with the team cars that were soft, and also stopped Pagenaud and McLaughlin early on. The power went into the pits, but there was a problem with the engine, leaving the dispute for victory.

The maneuvers occurred with the rolling stop, mixing the net well. Among those still not coming to a stop, Grosjean maneuvered beautifully over Dixon at Corkscrew, the same bend that Rosenqvist was running again.

Romain Grosjean started such a race (Photo: IndyCar)

Captain Hertha took a more traditional approach, swinging only on lap 19. Grosjean took the lead but stopped soon. This happened in Round 21, with Ed Jones doing the same. Herta was back in the lead and only Sato and Bourdais tried to extend the period. The order was: Herta, Sato, Palou, Bourdais, Newgarden, O’Ward, Ericsson, Pagenaud, McLaughlin, Hunter-Reay, Rahal, Dixon and Grosjean.

Newgarden had completely lost its pace at the end of the soft tire life and was already falling back to a tenth. The second stop was a matter of time and came on lap 25, putting on solid tires and getting back behind Sato and Bourdai, who also stopped.

On lap 30, Hertha led two pairs for Palu, 23sec 4 for Offard and 24sec for Ericsson, three who were still dreaming of the title. Dixon came in 11th, shortly after taking another pass from Grosjean at Corkscrew. Newgarden’s suffering continued, only at 19, in need of a miracle.

Then Sato decided to appear in the worst possible way: he rolled and hit Dixon, which delayed the New Zealander and broke his suspension. Despite following the green flag, McLaughlin, Harvey, and Ward stopped. Once again, the Mexican put on solid tires.

Ballou did the second title together and came back in second, with every face someone who would have aggressively served up the title this Sunday. Herta had a 29sec and 25sec lead over the Catalan, but he will have to stop soon. Grosjean, Jones and O’Ward closed the top five.

The race overcame half of the 95 laps with Herta returning from the pits a second and a second ahead of Palu, who is struggling with lagging traffic. O’Ward, Ericsson, Rahal and Newgarden appeared in the back, 30 seconds off the hands. Grosjean and Jones stopped together again, and were 11th and 14th.

Newgarden’s ordeal was followed by a third stop on lap 49, again on solid tyres, in an effort to extend the job. The American only came back in thirteenth, farther and farther from the title fight. Ballou was still putting pressure on Hertha, trapped in the late Rosenqvist.

Felix Rosenqvist has held back the leaders a lot (Photo: IndyCar)

The passage formed by Hinchcliffe, which had a series of purists, Herta and Palou, remained unchanged. Colton finally passed Rosenqvist on lap 60, but he still had a good team to beat. Pato, 17 behind Hertha, was trying to take advantage of the situation.

Herta and Balu finally manage to dodge most of the Radicals, while O’Ward ceases to be able to bridge the gap to the leaders. Colton had 3s0 for Alex and 17s3 for Pato, who saw Erickson, Rahal, Pagenaud and Grogan in the rearview mirror.

With 30 laps to go, Rahal cleared Ericsson and finished fourth. Then the last stop window opened, with Palou, O’Ward, Rahal, Ericsson and Jones opening. By the way, on the way out of the pits, Marcus was stepping on the ground and almost spinning.

Hertha was stopping, and even back behind Grosjean, he wasted no time and beat the Frenchman in a row. Repositioning after the final stop was for Hertha with 5s6 for Palou, 13s1 for Rahal, 16s8 for O’Ward, Ericsson 19s2 at the back, then Pagenaud, Grosjean, Askew, Newgarden and Hunter-Reay.

Pato Award fought valiantly to stay assertive in the championship (Photo: IndyCar)

Grosjean’s show continued. France overtook Pagenaud and Ericsson and entered the title fight with a stunning maneuver from the outside over Oward. Rahal was the next target and there will indeed be a worthy place on the podium.

Rahal’s upward maneuver came 12 laps ahead, and finished third for the Americans. The Frenchman was dreaming of second place, but had 10 seconds to take it with Palou with the softer tires already getting more wear.

In pursuit of Ballou, Grojjean ended up playing hard with Johnson at Corkscrew, with the American defending the Catalan with his teeth and nails. Romain insisted, but he had 3 seconds to take in six laps.

Roman didn’t give in, as the end of the race was fun. Colton could outsmart it, but it was Baloo who came out laughing from ear to ear, one hand on his glass.

Indy 2021, Laguna Seca GP, Monterrey, Final:

1 Si Herta Andretti Honda 2: 02: 31.544 95 laps
2 A PALOU Janasi Honda +1.975
3 R Grosjean Del Queen Honda +3.709
4 Ji Rahal Honda RL +13.862
5 oord McLaren Chevrolet +24.697
6 M Ericsson Janasi Honda +28.503
7 New Garden Penske Chevrolet +29.727
8 S PAGENAUD Penske Chevrolet +30.422
9 oh ask Honda RL +32.468
10 E Jones Del Queen Honda +47.994
11 R Hunter Ray Andretti Honda +1: 07,184.001
12 S McLaughlin Penske Chevrolet +1: 13.494.2007
13 S Dixon Janasi Honda +1: 16.360
14 S Purdice Chevrolet Voight +1 times
15th J Harvey Mayer Shank Honda +1 times
16 C DALY Chevrolet carpenter +1 times
17 Johnson Janasi Honda +1 times
18 R Vikai Chevrolet carpenter +1 times
19 F Rosenquist McLaren Chevrolet +1 times
20 J HINCHCLIFFE Andretti Honda +1 times
21 I’m Shelton Carlin Chevrolet +1 times
22 Sea Elot Juncos Chevrolet +1 times
23 Dr Kellett Chevrolet Voight +1 times
24 NS Mayer Shank Honda +1 times
25 for russian Andretti Honda +2 laps
26 W Power Penske Chevrolet +2 laps
27 T Sato Honda RL +12 lap North Carolina

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