February 27, 2024

Carla Vilhena gives a behind-the-scenes secret about Pelé and Xuxa on Globo TV News

Carla Vilhena A behind-the-scenes secret about the time he worked at Globo is revealed in front of him Death of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, King Pele. According to her, the broadcaster’s journalists were instructed not to single out the ex-football player in the reports – after all, he was already one of the most famous figures in the country.

According to the presenter, the rule also extended to Xuxa Meneghel, who dated the athlete in the 80s. Curiosities about Pele: In my time at Globo there were people who couldn’t be mentioned (put identification, name and position below the photo): Xuxa, the Pope, the President and Pele, she explains on her official Twitter profile.

Carla even remembers meeting the “King of Football” in the corridors of the station. “Two people stopped Globo when they went for an interview at the old headquarters in downtown São Paulo: Hebe Camargo, who was too impressed to enter the station’s studios; and Pele,” he added.

The pro even took questions from followers about her style during the years she was the audience leader. moved to CNN in 2000, After his resignation from the news channeland also worked on SBT.

Rafael Brito Pereira asked, “Was the president a recommendation for the position? Or did he change when he changed the incumbent?” “Any president. We can never put under the image of Fernando Henrique Cardoso.” [o título de] The president, for example,” I checked.

Wasn’t Silvio Santos on that list? Follow Lucas RF Meister. “I don’t remember him appearing on Globo,” admitted Carla, who was surprised by a photo of the broadcaster that was broadcast on Jornal Nacional.

He was credited as “manager and presenter” when he gave an interview to reporters at the end of the nine-day kidnapping of Patricia Abrafanel in August 2001.

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