June 13, 2024

Carlinhos Ser has been hospitalized in the intensive care unit due to complications from the coronavirus

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Carlinhos Vidente está internado na UTI por complicações da covid-19
Carlinhos Ser has been hospitalized in the intensive care unit due to the coronavirus
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Jose Ferreira dos Santos, Carlinhos Ser, has been hospitalized in the intensive care unit in serious condition due to complications from COVID-19. The information was confirmed by a note posted on their social networks this Tuesday, 10 – Read below. The team and family members ask for prayers for the seer.

Carlinhos was born in Galilea, Minas Gerais, and for years lived in Abucarana (about 60 kilometers from Maringa). He was famous for his predictions such as Germany’s victory over Brazil in the 2014 World Cup and the Chapecoense plane crash in 2016.

Read the note posted on social media this Tuesday:

“Due to the transparency of the information, the SOS Carlinhos team and family members have come here to inform all clients and friends that Carlinhos Vidente has been hospitalized for a few days. Carlinhos, after taking the first dose of the vaccine, has been diagnosed with COVID-19, despite all the care being taken.” necessary, and he is still under medical care in the intensive care unit (ICU). His condition is a bit serious and sensitive, but he has been as stable as possible. The stage of Covid he won, now struggling with the after effects of the virus. In short, we believe in a quick and fast recovery What you will need to watch strictly here.Today, Carlinhos, who has done so much for so many people, needs you and your prayers and faith, to be able to share your testimony with everyone as soon as possible!!!Finally, we just ask for everyone’s understanding, we ask respect for the situation and we know That we are doing our best. We believe that he will soon be back with everything and making many people happy as he always did.”

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