June 18, 2024

Creativity and perseverance meet on Mars

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Creativity and perseverance meet on Mars

during Your eleventh flight On Mars, the remote helicopter Ingenuity spotted its mission partner, the Persevering rover, from above, recording the moment in an image released today (12) by NASAUS space agency.

In the image below, you can’t see much detail, but the rover can be found somewhere (we’ll leave it up to you to guess as you read the text). The image is just one of dozens of shots taken by the distant helicopter, which flew over the southern region of the area known as “Sitah,” located in Jezero Crater.

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The image shows an aerial photograph of a creative helicopter recording the persevering rover on the surface of Mars
Can you see the perseverance in this picture? If not, keep reading for the answer below. Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Disclosure

“Aerial images of ingenuity are amazing — but they improve when you play with them ‘Where is the Perseverance,’” said Robert Hogg, NASA’s chief systems engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. rover And zoom in, it can see some details, such as wheels and mast for remote analysis and MMRTG [sigla para “Gerador Termoelétrico de radioisótopos de multi missão”].

Creativity flew for just over two minutes before landing, continuing the string of surprises for NASA. That’s because the helicopter originally only made five simple flights, in order to show that our technology allowed the mechanism to take off on the Red Planet.

However, frequent extensions have added more missions to the Ingenuity mission, which now aids persistence by searching for potential traffic entrances to areas where the ERV has the most difficulty to operate.

Having said that, did you manage to find persistence? If not, we will help you:

In the photo above, what you see in the “foot” of the photo is the shadow of the creativity helicopter. This surprised us too – we thought the rover was there, but looking closely, we realized what was wrong. In fact, it is here:

The image has a green arrow pointing to the persistent rover
Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Disclosure
The image shows details when zoomed in, with the rover in the background
Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Disclosure

The perseverance chariot had a setback recently, Where samples were returned…Zero samples. In the meantime, the vehicle will continue on its way to the next collection point, arriving at the site next month.

Creativity, by all indications, should make its 12th flight, although NASA has said nothing about it at this time.

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