June 14, 2024

Qualicorp announces acquisition of Grupo Elo for R$129.5 million

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São Paulo – Qualicorp Health Plan Manager (3 . quality) on Thursday (12) announced the acquisition of the entire Elo Group for R$129.5 million.

The company also signed a sales rights agreement with Seguros Unimed and Central Nacional Unimed (CNU), for which it will pay R$45 million and will enable the sale of various products from health operators.

“The acquisition of Grupo Elo solidifies Quali’s position as a major player in the marketing and management of health plans with relevant performance across the national territory,” Qualicorp CEO Bruno Platt says in a note.

Qualicorp shares closed down 15.57% after the result: What was disappointing and what to expect from now on?

With the closing of the deal, Qualicorp will be the sole partner of Grupo Elo, which operates with a focus on operators Seguros Unimed, CNU, Bradesco and Amil and has an average ticket in the health sector of R$730 per month.

According to a statement, the acquisition will allow Qualicorp to add 52,000 new customers to its membership and portfolio, with approximately 42,000 new healthy lives (with 30,000 in the collective sector per membership) and 10,000 dentists.

Additionally, in agreement with Seguros Unimed, Qualicorp will be able to re-market group health plans through the insurance company’s adhesion.

The agreement also ensures the distribution of PME Estipulado from Seguros Unimed, through which Qualicorp will be able to market health plans for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that serve as a requirement for such plans along with the health plan operator.

In addition, the business agreements will guarantee the company the right to distribute other products from the Seguros Unimed portfolio, such as dental plans and Temporary Disability Income Insurance (SERIT) – insurance aimed at self-employed professionals seeking a guaranteed monthly income, in the event of absenteeism. Abstaining from work due to an accident or illness.

Also according to the statement, the agreement allows Qualicorp to exclusively distribute the CNU product in Bahia.

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