March 30, 2023
Casio Gustavo Mendes recalls the last moments of Luis Gustavo

Casio Gustavo Mendes recalls the last moments of Luis Gustavo

Cassio Gabos Mendes, nephew of Luis Gustavo, said the family had time to say goodbye to the actor, who died last Sunday as a result of complications from bowel cancer.

Luis Gustavo dies of bowel cancer

Photo: Disclosure / Globe

“He had bowel cancer about three years ago. It was very difficult. Last month, he spent some time in the hospital, but he passed away at home. He wanted to go home. It was fine, calm. He managed to stay,” Cassio said in an interview with Patricia Cogot, from O Globo newspaper, A week and a half is in the family and goodbye. He was happy, smiling a little. And he slept. Of course, he was cured, well..

“He spent all these days with Chris (his wife). Anyway, the family had already said goodbye. He was in Itatiba (in São Paulo). He will rest and miss him very much. He suffered from this disease a few years, but he rested peacefully. And now that is We only know that he enlightens us wherever he is,” he said.

But it was a quiet passage after a few years of battle. Another giant went. When he is near, it is much more difficult, but we have to think about the good things and pray for him. “He will remain there in light and sure peace,” he added.

On his Instagram account, Cassio paid tribute to his uncle: “Luis Gustavo! I inform you that today my dear Tata passed away, cancer victim! Rest in the light and in peace!!! Thank you for everything, my beloved uncle” .