February 28, 2024
Cassau gets excited with Ancelotti and proposes a double in the national team

Cassau gets excited with Ancelotti and proposes a double in the national team

After deleting a file Brazilian national team in Qatar World CupThe new coach’s name dominated the news. the name of the Carlo Ancelotti is currently working Real Madridmade headlines today and seems to be a favorite among commentators.

In the University News CupBroadcasts daily from 9 am (Brasilia time) Walter Big house Son. He made it clear that Ancelotti is the name he likes the most, and he doesn’t even want to think about another coach, and envisions who would be the ideal pair for him.

“I know Falcao has just arrived at Santos. I think it will be a great pairing. Falcao as the manager of the national teams and Ancelotti as the coach of the Brazilian national team. Because the two already know each other, they played together, they are friends, they work together. Even Ancelotti nominated Falcao,” he said. Kasaw.

He continued, “There’s already a mutual acquaintance and admiration there. If, in my opinion, to get Ancelotti, I’ll go over Falcão to be selections manager. I won’t think twice. I’ll do that double,” he continued.

When asked about other names, Cassao said, “Ancelotti finishes the joke.” “It’s like you’re playing a pawn and someone arrives with a remote-controlled car,” he said.

Other names to choose

In addition to Ancelotti, other names have been indicated as candidates to take the place left by Tite. Fernando Diniz, Abel Ferreira and Jorge Jesus were mentioned and the commentators debated which would be the best alternative.

“I think there is such a big step after Ancelotti entered the parade that I find it difficult to say another,” said Rafael Oliveira.

First the following, the situation condition single: abroad. The best Brazilian coach is Tite. And it took six years to happen. So, for me, the first point, you have to be an alien. Of course, if Ancelotti wants to come, there is nothing to discuss. It’s a red carpet, the Aero-Fla band, everything to honor him,” said Renato Mauricio Prado.

The cup puts Messi above Maradona?

Will the possibility of a title in Qatar be decisive in the debate over the greatest Argentine of all time? The commentators at UOL had a good discussion about it.

“I think that Messi He’s doing his best in the World Cup and he can finally get that title, which will make the Messi x Maradona discussion more inclined towards Messi, because that’s what Messi needs to say he’s won everything Maradona has won,” said Renato Mauricio Prado.

“I still think Maradona beats Messi, but Messi won two World Cups, played five cups, breaking a game record, he beats Maradona in terms of staying on top. Maradona had a blast so big, he was meant to be the best. For years and years, at that time you couldn’t win the Ballon d’Or without being European, so he didn’t win, but he will definitely win four, five or six. I admire Maradona more,” said Cassau.

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