February 25, 2024
Dorival Júnior makes an extraordinary decision and defines the 'future' of his career after leaving Flamengo

Dorival Júnior makes an extraordinary decision and defines the ‘future’ of his career after leaving Flamengo


The World Cup course determines the coach’s position in the market and service begins in 2022

Ageive / Jorge Rodriguez - Dorival Junior sets new home
Ageive / Jorge Rodriguez – Dorival Junior sets new home

Flamengo fans are still skeptical about the team’s technical leadership change. The Departure of Dorival Jr It surprised many people, and even more so because of the change that the professional managed to bring to the team this season. Rubro-Negro left a risky position in Brazil for a company Copa Libertadores and Copa do Brasil achievements🇧🇷 However, the board chose to replace the coach with the Portuguese Vitor Pereira, who has yet to be introduced. But what about Dorival, where are you going?

He became the current best coach in South America, elected by CONMEBOL itself Transferred to take over the Brazilian national team Even before leaving Flamingo. With Tite’s previously reported departure, Amarelinha’s portfolio was available after the fall of the World Cup. The CBF has yet to announce who will actually take on the role, which hasn’t stopped Dorival Jr. from picking one up Curious business At the end of the year: SporTV commentator.

The former coach of Flamingo He chose to work with sports communications, at least until the end of the FIFA World Cup. It will be part of the Qatar Choice ProgramTo replace the vacancy that was held by Botafogo coach Luis Castro. With a presentation from André Rizek and Marcelo Barreto, Dorival Júnior will perform expert analysis on the tournament semi-finals and, in the future, the big decision.

The role of commentator does not, in principle, prevent Dorival from taking over the Brazilian national team in the new session of the next session. world Cup🇧🇷 though CBF gives priority to foreign nameThe official announcement can only be made in January 2023. In addition to professionals such as Jorge Jesus and Abel FerreiraOn Monday (12th), the fans learned that Carlo Ancelotti had talks with the federation. Until then, the internet just keeps guessing who should take over the five-time world champion.

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