June 18, 2024

Celebrities turn down an invitation to participate in the reality show; See the list

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Celebrities turn down an invitation to participate in the reality show;  See the list

List of the first to confirm among the participants The Farm 13 team It was recently released last Thursday (09/09). On this occasion, viewers were also informed that the unveiling of some of the other names that are part of this version of reality will take place through a live broadcast, on Tik Tok, on Monday night (13/09).

As promised, host Rodrigo Faro, one of the great names on Record TV, announced the names of the other members of the show. In Paiol, then Mah Tavares, Sthe Matos, Alisson Jordan and Krawak, who are vying for a place to join the season. Among the official participants are funkeiro MC Gui and fellow countryman Thiago Piquilo.

some celebrities Reject the announcer’s invitationHowever, fans of the program were disappointed. While announcing the walkers and other participants, videos of some celebrities who thought it was best not to participate in the attraction were shown.

Who refused to participate in “Farm 13”?

With justifications such as “we weren’t this time” or the argument that it simply isn’t possible to get into reality, some famous personalities have preferred to be left out. Among them:

  • funk player Naldo Penny;
  • football player Richarlison Barbosa;
  • fitness inspirational Gracyanne Barbosa;
  • ex-BBC Philip Pryor;
  • ex-BBC Kerlin Cardoso;
  • singer de Black;
  • Humorist Tirulipa.
  • Singer Roberta Miranda.
  • businesswoman Sylvia Design;
  • Social Narcsa Tamburedighi.

The “farm” team consists of 20 members officially pawn, which are chosen by the public through voting. The new version of Reality begins on Tuesday (14), now with the introduction of Adriane Galisteu.

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