June 13, 2024

Caetano Veloso has lost the case against Vicar and Reverend Marco Feliciano

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Caetano Veloso has lost the case against Vicar and Reverend Marco Feliciano

Caetano Veloso lost a lawsuit against Representative and Pastor Marco Feliciano (Republican Party). The singer had accused the congressman of insult, defamation and slander, but the complaints were not accepted by Judge Nelson Ferreira Jr., of the TJDF (Tribunal de Justi├ža do Distrito Federal).

In addition, Caetano was ordered to pay R$6,000 in fees to Feliciano’s lawyers. The musician felt his image was damaged when the priest accused him of weak rape and called him a “pedophile”. The parliamentarian celebrated the decision on Twitter.

In 2017, the MP wrote on Twitter: “Why doesn’t the PGR request the arrest of Caetano Veloso? Rape is an unspeakable crime.” The victim in question would be Paula Lavigne, who was going to start an affair with the singer when she was thirteen, and he’s 40.

After being notified that the musician would seek legal action, Feliciano returned to social media: “We all know this is a crime, this is weak rape, this is pedophilia, Caetano was upset about it and sent an extrajudicial notice.”

Caetano’s legal team has highlighted in the process that the deputy’s alleged attacks remain public on social networks. The pastor repeated these lines again months later, in 2018, on a radio show.

However, the judge did not recognize the elements that prove to be a crime against the musician’s honor, even saying that Feliciano had carried out a “legitimate exercise of freedom of criticism” and acquitted him.

The process passed through the Minister STF (Federal Supreme Court) Luis Roberto Barroso, when the MP tried to get a private forum for his position. Since the statements were made outside the environment in which Feliciano is a member of Parliament, the request was denied.

Today’s decision took into account the financial situation of Caetano, “a famous singer, world-renowned”, and ordered him to pay R$3,000 for each lawsuit against the congressman dealing with the case. Since there are two, the musician can pay 6 thousand RRL.

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