June 13, 2024

Liliana is about to be kidnapped, she is injured and in danger of death

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Cena de Amores Verdadeiros com Liliana internada e entubada

in the series true love, Liliana status (Sherlin) will change in the blink of an eye, as the spoiled girl won’t have much chance of continuing to make the new rich show when she is exposed to an attempted kidnapping. To make matters worse, she will be able to defend herself, but she will end up with serious injuries, will be taken to the hospital, and will be in danger of dying.

In the scenes scheduled to air next Wednesday (15), the young woman still does not even dream of being the biological daughter of Adriana (Natalia Esperon), Although the two had a lovely conversation, With the right advice and everything. To make matters worse, she was emotionally blackmailing her for it Try to separate Vitoria (Erica Boinville) from Jose Angelo (Eduardo Yanez).

But the one who doesn’t seem happy at all with the new rich is Kendra (Marjorie de Sousa), who will lose patience with Nelson’s slowness (Guillermo Capitello) and act, planning a kidnapping for Anibal’s new granddaughter (Enrique Rocha). But the plan will fail, the girl will be able to defend herself and she will end up with a very serious injury, and when the family finds her on the floor, everyone will take her to the hospital.

In True Love, Liliana is in danger

While the doctors will work to save the girl’s life, the family will be very tense, with several people in the hospital, except for Anibal, who will make sure to go in person to threaten Kendra and order her to stay away from her grandchildren. At this point, the doctor will report that Liliana is in danger of death and that the next few hours will be key to the progression of the condition.

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