June 14, 2024

Photo of Anna Maria Braga after the release of the surgery, breathing: “Something from another world”

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Anna Maria Braga
Ana Maria Braga has surgery and is let out: ‘She looks like a miracle’ (Image: clone/Globoplay)

did not last Sunday (12)And Anna Maria Braga Use his social media to talk to followers about the eye surgery he needs.

Presenter, who was recently diagnosed with cataracts, revealed that she decided to undergo the procedure to correct the disease before her eyesight was further affected.

“Modern pirate, not only. It was a cataract, but I was completely cured, OK? I thought my cataracts were out of this world, but look, it’s a 15 or 20 minute surgery”, he wrote.

“It really looks like a miracle! So, if you have blurred vision, stop by the doctor and see what it is!”, complement the owner More than you.

To illustrate the post, Global used an image of her home wearing an eye patch.

Earlier this month, Anna spoke on her Globo show about the operation. At the time, she did not show any concern and assured in a humorous tone that she would stop wearing glasses.

“I’m going to take off my glasses. I didn’t have a problem. I’m going to have the operation, I have this view halfway here, I have a cataract, I’m going to have it removed. I’ll see everything clear again.””, during a conversation with Luciano Huck.

Single since she ended her marriage to Johnny Lucet, Anna Maria revealed that she wants to fall in love again.

In a conversation with Karas magazine, the 72-year-old presenter said: “The joy of living and falling in love and having butterflies in my stomach is a constant joy and it is the feelings that move me.”

Despite the desire to enter into a new relationship, the world showed happiness at this current stage. “I am fine. I am close to my family and this is my greatest gift,” said Anna, who is the mother of Mariana and Pedro.

“I am a woman of great faith, and in adversity this divine power, along with the love of my children and grandchildren and my family, binds us and helps us greatly in the face of adversity”, is over.

Check it out below:

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