June 24, 2024

Rodrigo Simas pleads guilty to paternity charges and declares his passion for his nephews | Famous

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Rodrigo Simas pleads guilty to paternity charges and declares his passion for his nephews |  Famous

For the audience, it is Rodrigo Simaz. As for his nephews—and there’s another on the way—it’s Uncle Rod: affectionate, cheerful and even teasing, and he introduces himself in conversation with Gshow: “The family never stops growing. I adore my nephews and sometimes I piss them off a lot (laughs).”

Quartet formed by JoachimAnd MariaAnd Vicente (children Felipe Simas Based on Mariana Ullman) , NS Maddalena (from Yana Lavigne NS Bruno Jesoni, who will also be parents Amelia), but it’s all a mess, of course!

Rodrigo Simas, 29, says he doesn’t want to be a father right now – Photo: Divulgação / Guilherme Lima

To make the connection more complete, Agatha Moreira Came to the family. With her boyfriend, the group came and became Aunt Agatha, dear to the children. When they meet, it’s a foolproof spree.

“Everyone loves Uncle Rod, but they prefer Tia Agatha…there is no way around that,” jokes the 29-year-old artist, who prefers that way, for now, just to enjoy his siblings’ kids. He admits to being charged with paternity, but says he has learned how to handle it and is pretty sure of his decision not to have, for the time being, an heir to call.

“He always asks me about…I often feel charged, more because my siblings are already parents, but I’m well-designed, and right now, I don’t feel like it. Being a dad is a challenge, a responsibility, an education, a maturity, letting go of a lot of things.” …it’s also a lot of love, a changing feeling,” identifies Sima, who keeps a close eye on the children’s development.

Rodrigo Simez jokes that he is a naughty uncle – Photo: Divulgação / Guilherme Lima

At the moment, he and Agatha are so happy and focused on their career. It’s live on the special edition of Secret facts, was the runner-up in Super celebrity dance. The two moved in together during quarantine and recently moved into a cute new home. Plans now include a party to celebrate their three-year relationship.

“We want to have a celebration, a party, even more after these two difficult years,” Simas says.

Rodrigo Simas says Uncle Rod is lovable, but children prefer Aunt Agatha – Photo: Divulgação / Guilherme Lima

About life together, he says it couldn’t be better. The artist believes that the relationship is based on friendship, respect and complicity.

“everything is great.” Challenges are normal in a married couple’s life, but Agatha and I respect each other’s spaces and freedom and have a dialogue that is very present in our daily lives. It’s important to know that we are two people, by choice, together and happy.”

Rodrigo Simas reveals plans to hold a party to celebrate his relationship with Agatha Moreira – Photo: Divulgação / Guilherme Lima

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We separate 5 moments that prove that Uncle Rod and Aunt Agatha are truly loved by the children in the family. paying off! ❤️❤️

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Rodrigo Simez and Natalia Ramos dancing the samba

Rodrigo Simez and Natalia Ramos dancing the samba

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