September 28, 2023
Enquete Ilha Record

Al Jazeera Record Poll | Ai or pyeong? Who should win the reality show?

The first season of Ilha Record is coming to an end. After a test among the explorers at the main house, the finalists were determined who would compete for a prize of R$500,000. Ie and was controlled by Pyeong. Now who do you want to win the program? Vote in the DCI Island Record Poll.

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DCI’s Ilha Record survey is not official, but it shows you the audience’s choice among explorers. vote!

Ao Byung: Who won Al Jazeera’s record?

Ae and Byung, set for Monday, September 6, are the program’s finalists and will face each other in the Grand Final – scheduled for next Thursday, September 9, 2021. For the gold medal, the two will face the last Ilha special event to score.

Immediately after the announcement, the winner will be awarded the title of Champion Explorer and will receive a prize of R$500,000.

The semi-finalists of the program were played by Valesca, Any, Pyong Lee, Laura and Dinei. In the race, participants needed to mix balance with resistance and stay at sea balanced on floating structures. The rule was very simple: the last two to fall, or lean on the structure, were outside.

Denny, who injured his arm after a fall last week, was the first to leave the competition and missed the final. Then Valeska was eliminated and, finally, Laura was the last to be eliminated from the race. In total, the test lasted about 45 minutes.

The poll to see who you want to win an Ilha Record is available until next Thursday (9), the day of the grand final.

Entrants are chosen for the Grand Final amidst many frictions at home. On tonight’s show, Nadja Pessoa – newly arrived in exile – is the protagonist in a group friction with the participants in the show’s second house. According to the participant, Lucas violated her privacy by closing and opening the bathroom door while she was inside. The atmosphere in exile, as might be expected, is not good.

What will the Ilha Record Final be like?

The Ilha Record final is scheduled for next Thursday, September 9, and promises strong feelings for the audience, who during all the weeks of the reality show have not been actively involved in the game’s decisions. But everything is about to change: the program will have two winners – one to be chosen by the audience and the other to be selected in the latest game dynamics.

In addition to the method of selecting the participant, the final will also have different dynamics and prizes. Essentially, the main winner (determined by the latter dynamic) will receive R$500,000 in the program final – a choice that will take place between Any and Pyong, the official finalists. The second winner will receive R$250,000, in which case all participants in reality – including those in exile – will participate in a public vote.

The format is a way for the network to promote public participation in the final decision, as fans of the program may not like the final result of the first test very much. Participate in the DCI Island Record survey and place your bets!

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