June 24, 2024

Ceni praises São Paulo, but gets excited after the classics: ‘Must evolve a lot’ | Sao Paulo

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Ceni praises São Paulo, but gets excited after the classics: 'Must evolve a lot' |  Sao Paulo

Rogerio Ceni coach from Sao Paulo, who held excitement with 2-0 win over Palmeiras, in a classic game played Wednesday night at Allianz Park. Given the important result, which relieves the state of the three colors in the battle against relegation in Brazilian ChampionshipThe coach adopted a thoughtful speech.

– When you win, you’re a genius, when you lose… Not too good, not too bad. “I think the team has to develop a lot to aspire to better things and get out of this place that the club does not deserve,” said the coach.

Rogerio Ceni praised Sao Paulo’s performance at Allianz Parque – Photograph: Marcos Ripoli

The positive result at Allianz Parque leaves Sao Paulo with 41 points on the leaderboard. The team occupies the fourteenth place after 33 matches played.

Highlights: Palmeiras 0 x 2 São Paulo, in the 33rd round of the Brazilian Championship

Highlights: Palmeiras 0 x 2 São Paulo, in the 33rd round of the Brazilian Championship

After Wednesday’s victory, Rogerio Ceni has a week to work on the cast before his next appointment. Tricolor returns to the field next Wednesday, 21:30 (GMT), time for the match against Atletico-PR, in Morumbi.

After the confrontation with Hurricane, which decides the Copa Sudamericana this weekend, he faces Sao Paulo and Cine Sport on the 27th, again in Morumbi. Two positive results completely rule out any chance of relegation to the second division.

Check out more answers from Rogério Ceni:

fast regone
He is still one of the key players in the team. I attribute that to the injury. The return of the injury is complex, and the physical part is at risk. Today he played the best game since we were here, participated more, near the goal, made the machete. Rigoni has been very helpful, today more than ever. I’m sure it will be important at this final stage. Regardless of the goal, player engagement isn’t just a game, it’s all it stands for.

Arboleda timetable
– Without a doubt, he is a very important player for the team. It was very professional this time, because we didn’t just talk to him yesterday. Arrived today at about 12 noon on CT, we talked, rested and attended the night game. He’s a key player, a very good aerobic baller. We needed him, because we didn’t have a long squad and today it’s important that he stays the team for next year. The council is doing its best. I think the contract expires in the middle of the year. The board of directors is in the best financially possible way and is trying their best to stay with us. We are very favorable to its course.

Rogerio Ceni before Palmeiras against Sao Paulo – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

Tactical change and pleasant
Comparison with Flamengo is impossible, because we didn’t have 95 minutes of play. It was 85 minutes with one player less. In 10v11 vs flamingo, you will not be able to succumb. In the previous match, with Fortaleza, with the team closed, just as we held Fortaleza. Today refers to the first four games we played with a similar system to the first games. The changes we made to thinking about the way Palmeiras played, no matter who was on the field. Since we weren’t sure who would be playing, we chose a better system.

relationship cast
– Nobody. Easy, one of the easiest clubs to work with players. I miss them more asking and making counter points, I think it’s important to find solutions. I have no problem charging them in the field. I say I work all week to give 90 minutes to get the most out of it. This is the rule that we have. Friendship is always the same, demand is always the same. When the game is over, the football is set aside and friendship returns naturally. Any reprimand ends when the game is over. I say so they never take it for the device, and when I consider it a correction, I mention the player’s name by mistake. Always for professionals, nothing on a personal level. I say it was my great friends who helped me win. Today, they had a perfect situation.

fast creation
– The goal was a pressure sign from Igor. When you have no speed, you can press the opponent. When you have speed, that counts, but when you lower the pressure, you have a chance. Palmeiras plays a system like that with Ronnie and Dudu, when everyone else is there, so it was a concern for us. With Luis Adriano, a reference player, Ron’s departure has improved that. The game system that we analyzed for this match.

Fan Voice - Caillou: "The victory of faith came at a cheap price to them!"

A Voz da Torcida – Caio: “The victory of faith was cheap for them!”

Leading the cast for being an idol
– My driving is the same. Sometimes it’s a success, sometimes it’s a failure. You can’t always play well. When you have back-to-back games, the physical part doesn’t go well. In the absence of Sarah and Igor, we don’t have that power player. Today, Marquinhos came and played a good game. Igor Vinicius did a good job, something that hasn’t happened with the defenders for a while.

– In fact, the fan who goes to this match should be compensated, not financially, but with the opportunity to watch the team play in Morumbi in the next match. After all, he paid for the ticket with 50,000 people and did not see the team play. It wasn’t because the team didn’t want it, but because they didn’t have the chance. Perhaps it is important to think of something like this.

Team Evolution
When you win the word winner it is always difficult. The winner is always right. Today, the team managed to catch the ball and play, there was a deep play, with Rigoni and then Marquinhos, but the words of the winner are always … When you win, you are a genius, when you lose … Not so good, not so bad. I think the team has to evolve a lot to aspire to better things and get out of this place that the club does not deserve.

The repercussions of the victory and a conversation with the fans
It can be positive, as it was against Corinthians, the matches in which the team played well and deserved to win. The number of opportunities and obvious opportunities generates positivity. We hope to present what we offer with the presence of the masses.

Luciano hails the victory over Redeem Palmeiras: "There are players who will start in other teams"

Luciano hails the victory over Palmeiras reserve: “There are players who will start in other teams”

– About the fans who went to CT, I didn’t really see the fans. When they told me they said they wanted to talk to the athletes, I was the first to be available and said I would speak to the fans so as not to expose the athletes. They are fans that I have defended for 25 years and I work here, always giving their best for the club. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to talk to me, they just wanted to talk to the players and the management thought it was best to talk to the players. I made myself willing not to expose the players, as there was no acceptance, I had to let the players go so I wouldn’t have worse consequences in the future.

– I’m sorry that the fan doesn’t want to talk to me, because I’ve talked to them for 25 years and they must think that the person who defends this club more than me, is trying to defend this club, but it’s part of the process. It seemed like it was a friendly conversation. Maybe next time we can talk.

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