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On the night of Vina, Ciara crushes Fortaleza and dreams of going to the Libertadores – 11/17/2021

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On the night of Vina, Ciara crushes Fortaleza and dreams of going to the Libertadores - 11/17/2021

Ciara crushed Fortaleza 4-0 on Wednesday night (17) and is now in fact in a fight for a place in the cup EditorsWhere it reached 45 points. Moreover, the team finds itself only four points behind its arch-rival in the Brazilian Championship.

The match, valid for the 33rd round, was held in Arena Castellao, under the leadership of Fortaleza, who stopped with 49 points and did not win five league matches – four defeats and one draw. Adding their participation in the Copa del Rey, in which they qualified for the semi-finals, there are six matches without a victory.

The highlight of the match was Fina, who dominated the midfield and swung the net twice, in good plots built with the help of Mendonza, who also took part in the fourth goal. Thiago Nunes’ team relied on counter-attacks and was in control, while Fort Juan Vojvoda failed in several moves.

Ciara’s goals were scored by Lima and Vina (twice) and Yoni Gonzalez.

Ciara starts better and unlocks the score

Fortaleza did not start the match offline, quite unlike Ceará. Goalkeeper Marcelo Bock sent the ball to defender Ederson, who had poor control and shot it at Lima’s feet. The attacking midfielder ran a little and kicked from the right flank, in the corner, without a chance for the goalkeeper, in the 13th minute of the first half.

Fortaleza tries to get in, and Ceará counterattacks

Despite the goal, both teams maintained their initial rhythm. Ciara was lower with the ball, increasing his speed, while Fortaleza kept the passing game. Some opportunities came from Depietri, Éderson and Bruno Melo to Fortaleza, as well as a good plot of land from Vina for visitors. And already in the plugins?

Ciara expands on the counterattack

After a corner kick taken wrongly by Fortaleza, Ciara rose very quickly. Fernando Sobral dominated the right flank and played for Mendonza in the middle of the penalty area. He could have kicked it, but decided to give another pass and found us, in the 46th minute, who finished hard and sent it into the net.

The second half starts the same way

In 10 minutes of the second stage, Fortaleza hit the first good shot on goal. Ederson played with his heel for Mateos Vargas, who filled his foot, but Joao Ricciardo defended.

At 12, again on the counterattack, Ciara saw that Mendonza greet Fena and run from the midfield into the penalty area. He hit his left leg and the ball, very slowly, passed the crossbar.

Fortaleza was still dangerous again on the next move, in a plot that left the ball inside the small area facing Éderson. But at the last moment Messias arrived from Ciara and threw the ball into a corner.

Fortaleza grows and tries to lower the score

Fortaleza did not give up the match. After several substitutions, Yago Pikachu played back, at the foot of Wellington Paulista. The heart of the attack sent a grenade after 37 minutes, but Joao Ricciardo extended it and managed to send it into the corner.

our night

In the 40th minute of the second half, Ciara again arrived to attack with a lot of dangers. Uni received the ball from Vina and entered the area and touched it to Mendonza, who returned it to Vina. He took the kick and sent Marcelo Bock into the left corner of goalkeeper Marcelo Bock, who jumped but did not reach the ball.

Yoni González Contact Appointment

Mendonza put in a fine display again, crossing from the back line into the middle of the penalty area. 47 minutes had passed since the start of the second half, and Yoni Gonzalez hit the ball on his own, and pushed towards the goal.

data sheet

Fortaleza 0×4 cars
data: 11/17/2021
Sweetened: Arena Castellao, in Fortaleza (CE)
hour: 20 hours (from Brasilia)
Rule: Raphael Claus (SP);
Auxiliaries: Daniel Luis Marquez (SP) and Evandro de Mello Lemar (SP);
where: Jose Claudio Rocha Filho (SP)
Objectives: Lima (CEA), time 13 minutes from the first time (0-1); Vienna (CEA), 46 minutes from first time (0-2); Vienna (CEA), at 40 minutes into the second period (0-3); Yoni Gonzalez (CEA), 47 minutes for the second time (0-4)
yellow cards: Fabinho (CEA), Gabriel Dias (CEA), Mendonza (CEA), Joao Ricciardo (CEA), Marcelo Benevento (FOR)

subject to: Marcelo Buick, Tinga, Benvenuto, Titi (Mateos Vargas), Bruno Melo, Jossa, Ederson (Edinho), Ronald, Iago Pikachu, Depetri (Romarinho) and Robson (Wellington Paulista). Technician: Juan Vojvoda.

Ciara: Joao Ricardo, Gabriel Dias (Igor), Messias, Luis Ottavio (Gabriel Lacerda), Bruno Pacheco, Fabinho (William Oliveira), Fernando Sobral, Fina, Mendoza, Lima (Marlon) and Yale (Yoni Gonzalez). Artistic: Thiago Nunes.

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