June 14, 2024

The Brazilian Football Confederation will ask FIFA to punish Otamendi for hitting Ravenha in the derby – 11/17/2021

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The Brazilian Football Confederation will ask FIFA to punish Otamendi for hitting Ravenha in the derby - 11/17/2021

Brazilian Confederation of football The Brazilian Confederation decided to submit a memorandum to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee to demand the punishment of Argentine defender Otamendi, who yesterday (16) hit Brazilian striker Ravenha in the mouth in an attempt in the 33rd minute of the first half of the first half. 0-0 draw at Bicentenario Stadium, M San Juan.

The information was initially published by ge.globo. second heard UOL SportsThe idea is to present the case to FIFA as aggression, as this move was intentional and not related to the ball dispute.

The legal department of the Brazilian Football Confederation also intends to provide another representation, but at the administrative level, so that the Uruguayan referee Esteban Ostogic, who is responsible for the video technology of the derby, in the matches of the Brazilian national team, does not play any role. today (17), CONMEBOL announced the suspension of Ostwich, as well as referee Andres Cunha. According to the organization, it made “gross and clear mistakes in the exercise of its tasks in developing the match.” Comment indefinitely.

She was set to lead being a video judge in Atletico-PR x Red Bull Bragantino For the Copa Sudamericana final next Saturday (20), in Montevideo, but Lloydane Gonzalez replaced him.

Try to question Qatar World Cup QualifiersRafinha received the ball almost from the right at the finish line and dribbled away from Acuña, but then lost the ball to Otamendi. In an attempt to recover, the Brazilian received a violent elbow in the mouth given by the Argentine – he was bleeding at the time. The bid was reviewed by video refereeing, but nothing was flagged and Andres Cunha was also called to the VAR booth.

in the check, Ustujes considered the coup to be of “medium severity”. He deserved a yellow card. He did not see Cunha having an elbow as did his assistant Richard Trinidad and the game continued.

Brazil coach Tite Rebellion with giving In a post-match press conference:

I’ll talk about what I said in the referee’s locker room. Being exceptional judgment, artistic quality, very high perceptions, control, disciplinary aspect. But refereeing does require a team, and for those in the VAR it is simply impossible not to see Otamendi’s facility in Ravenha. Who wants the exemption in the analysis, very obviously, I’m not talking about the results of the match. Is this specified in the match result? I don’t know (…) a high-level VAR referee can’t work that way, it’s unimaginable. unimaginable. And say less, that’s not the term I wanted to say, I’m speaking because I’m polite.”

Otamendi, the defender who hit Ravenha with his elbow, Joke the thing on social networks. And the Argentine channel “TyC Sports” published a post on Instagram, in which she referred to the move, asking, “Did we escape the (red card) or nothing?” Otamendi was the one who appeared in the post and commented on “every ball”, which in the free translation would be “was in the ball” or “only in the ball”.

Read the judging dialogue about the bid:

AVAR: “Watch your face.”
Assistant: “Touch the leg, for me there is no hit. Come, just in case.”
AVAR: “Watch your face.”
Assistant: “I don’t see a coup.”
where: “With the forearm, in the face. Give it to me at normal speed, I want to see the intensity.”
where: “It’s with the forearm. Was it missing at least?”
AVAR: “No.”
where: “I take it here that the forearm hit is in the face, medium force. Yes, in the face.”
where: “It seems to me that this is a lack of a yellow card, I do not consider it a red card. Do we agree?”
AVAR: “we agree”.
where: “Andres, full check. Improper use of weapons to the fullest. He’s out of the zone.”
where: “Give me another 10 seconds, please. Go back.”
AVAR: “Wait, don’t start again, wait.”
where: “Let’s confirm. Get out, the blow is coming. Come, go.”

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