June 13, 2024

Argentine newspaper praises Vinicius Junior after the scooter in Argentina and Brazil: “Only applause remains”

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Argentine newspaper praises Vinicius Junior after the scooter in Argentina and Brazil: "Only applause remains"

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During the Argentina-Brazil match on Tuesday (16), Vinicius Junior starred in an amazing move: with little space in the back line, Real Madrid striker Molina awarded “Lambretta”.

The bid had repercussions, with Vini Jr. even receiving praise from “Olé”, one of Argentina’s major newspapers: “In the face of such a game, all that remains is applause. What a move Vinicius has made…”, the vehicle wrote on the networks Social.

Vinicius Jr got a chance in the starting lineup in place of Neymar, who felt an injury and was left out. Despite the obvious missed goal, the player revealed flamingo He was moving well and performing well.

Brazil went to the Estadio San Juan del Bicentenario to defend their unbeaten record in the South American Qualifiers. However, the result did not come out from scratch. The selection, led by Tite, reached 35 points with 11 wins and two draws in 13 matches. actually Argentina It adds 29 points and also secures a place for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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