February 4, 2023
Grêmio President gives a pep talk in the locker room against the fall: 'The Six Battles of the Afflicted' |  Syndicate

Grêmio President gives a pep talk in the locker room against the fall: ‘The Six Battles of the Afflicted’ | Syndicate

Grêmio president Romildo Bolzan Jr spoke in the team’s locker room after 3-0 victory over Bragantino, this Tuesday, at the Arena, by Brasileirão. Client Compare the fight against relegation to the “Battle of the Doomed.”, in the second division 2005, to encourage players to achieve six victories.

Bolzan recounted the last six rounds of the competition that the team should play with the 2005 achievement. At the time, Grêmio returned to the elite of Brazilian football in the last game of the Second Division, when they beat Náutico 1-0, with seven players on the field and two missed penalties. By the opponent at Estádio dos Aflitos, in Recife.

If you don’t remember, the match that Grêmio won with seven on the field 1-0, the famous Batalha dos Afletos. We have six champions dos Afletos, six championships and six decisions.

– Romildo Bolzan Jr., President of Grêmio

You have nothing else to do but win. Dignity to you and your family.. this is the union we know. Let’s kill these six toys and get out of them, said the chief.

Highlights: Grêmio 3 x 0 Bragantino, in the 33rd round of the Brazilian League

Bolzan also emphasized that Grêmio had to show the scale of the institution, and he emphasized that everyone in the club is together and even remembered Colorado provocation, in Beira-Rio, after the 1-0 defeat to Gre-Nal.

We have won two of our last three (matches), and we have a campaign to keep the score we need. Let’s show the size of this institution in six games. We will no longer allow the opposing team to celebrate our defeat at the end of the match. We made the image of a winning club like this that winning us became their glory. But we are so much bigger to get through these moments. The guild can be dead, and it can end. He said it is not over and will not end.

Now in 18th place, Grêmio has 32 points, four points off Bahia, first off Z-4, who is still playing in this round 33. Tricolor will face Chapecoense next Saturday and then face Flamengo, Bahia, Sao Paulo, Corinthians and finish off the competition. against Atlético MG.

Romildo Bolzan Jr. speaking in the dressing room – Photo: Reproduction / Grêmio TV