June 24, 2024

“Change my script”; Arthur Aguiar points out that BBB 22 is primarily responsible for helping him rid himself of betrayals

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"Change my script";  Arthur Aguiar points out that BBB 22 is primarily responsible for helping him rid himself of betrayals


The BBB 22 release champ also mentioned that reality was a “great opportunity to reconnect”

Photo: Arthur Aguiar's official Instagram clone
Photo: Arthur Aguiar’s official Instagram clone

This Friday (29), during an interview with podcast “Brunet Cast”And the on SpotifyAnd the By order of Thiago BrunetAnd the Arthur Agyaramong other things, commented on his passing through Big Brother Brazil. a hero BBB 22the artist Select the invitation to participate in “The most guarded house in Brazil” K God’s answer to your prayers After cheating several times Mira Cardiwith whom he has a romantic relationship.

despite of run away from controversy with other celebrities, Arthur He did not refuse to answer Questions about your betrayal And the memories behind the scenes realityshot: Before the controversy [das traições]I will not join Big Brother. I knew that for me to change the scenario I was in, I needed to do something really extreme to change my reality at that moment. I asked for a chance to change my script.”.

a 22nd edition winner BBB Keep flashing back moments about the decision to participate or not to participate in the program: “When Big Brother’s opportunity came, I said at first: ‘I won’t do it.’ Then I realized that this opportunity was the opportunity I asked God for. It was a very difficult opportunity, very dangerous, but that if I knew who I am, and what I want And what should I do, it can’t go wrong.” and completed: “I think the fact that I knew who I was, knew my qualities and my flaws, knew I wasn’t perfect…that fact made people identify in some way”.

during the reservation period, Arthur mentioned, on some occasions, Betrayals in your relationship with Mira: “I’m really glad to be here, really! I see it as a great opportunity to reconnect with myself. I think I got lost along the way, and I’m not ashamed to say it.” Arthur was a hero Big Brother Brazil 22 after opening 68.96% of votes.

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