February 29, 2024
Changes in SUS will facilitate consultations with specialists in ES

Changes in SUS will facilitate consultations with specialists in ES

Residents of Espírito Santo will be able to obtain medical care in a simpler way, using the nearest hospitals, and in consultation with specialist doctors. The Secretary of State for Health (SESA) On Friday (27) I published in the Official Gazette a decree outlining the state policy that will integrate services from charitable hospitals to Unified Health System (SUS).

The goal is to have the patient seek primary health care first and then turn to hospital as needed. The Minister of Health, Nisio Fernandez, explains that a list of hospitals and the geographical location of the population will be drawn up.

Painful during medical consultation
Elderly woman during medical consultation. Credit: Jcomp / Freepik

In this way, medical care will be carried out by region. The idea is also to reduce the flow of patients into the state’s major care units.

We want to urge residents to enter primary care. It will have guaranteed access. We want the patient to come at the right time, in the right place, and have a good experience. ensuring the resources he needs at the time he needs it,” the secretary explained.

Nicio Fernandez

Minister of State for Health

“Each physician will have a population to contact and the population will have a physician to contact.”

In this policy, the patient will be able to access telemedicine consultations, if they choose to do so. He can also perform examinations and surgeries in hospitals, for example. There will also be assistance in urgent and emergency cases.

Several specialties will be available to the population, such as: geriatrics, cardiology, orthopedics, psychiatry, dermatology, neurology, endocrinology, oncology, ophthalmology, cardiology, infectious diseases, and others.

Initially, Sesa will employ eight hospitals in June. are they:

  • Santa Rita de Vitoria
  • Santa Casa de Vitoria
  • evangelical villa villa
  • Santa Casa de Cachoiro
  • Evangelical Cachoiro
  • Francis of Assisi in Cachoiro
  • Santa Casa de Guachoy
  • Evangelical Itapimirim

Nisio said all of the state’s charitable hospitals will sign an agreement by July.

Contract with Indicators

Nisio explains that the total value of the hospital fee contract will be contingent upon criteria such as bed availability, outpatient consultations, and quality and performance indicators, such as structural conditions, medical team qualifications and user experience.

“We have the concept of value-based medicine, which deals with a contract model that brings benefits and outcomes, where I buy outcomes, quality of care and measure components of the infrastructure, work process, and deadlines that I want that action to take to be assured to patients.”

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