July 14, 2024

Clinical status: severe metabolic acidosis of unknown cause [vídeo]

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The patient arrives at seizure with severe metabolic acidosis, with significant hemodynamic instability. Despite initial investigation, you cannot determine the cause and the patient continues to deteriorate clinically.

In the clinical case today, the Associate Editor of the PEBMED Portal, Vinícius Zofoli, invites nephrologist and intensive care expert Paulo Lenz (ICU Hospital das Clínicas – USP; Pronto Socorro – UNIFESP) to conduct this clinical case with you.

Find out how to stabilize and investigate this critical situation that can occur in your work shift.
Hit play and check it out!

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Topics discussed in the clinical case

  • Initial stabilization of the critically ill patient in the emergency department
  • Treatment based on syndromic diagnosis
  • Research and treatment of metabolic acidosis

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