June 13, 2024

How can integrative practices help nursing professionals’ self-care?

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How can integrative practices help nursing professionals' self-care?

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As a nursing professional, it is very likely that you have already felt Loaded with serviceDepression, physical and mental health problems, excessive weight gain and unhealthy eating habits. You may have had a back injury, poor morale, or a lack of job satisfaction. Such situations are unfortunately common and have been described in recent studies.

But it is not enough to know what is negative for us without doing something about it. For thistles to turn into blossoms and to bring about restorative and lasting changes, self-care is key to our health. Through it, we realize that, and not just work, we are a priority and deserve structural care that enhances our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. How do we achieve this balance?

integrative practices

self care

For theorist Dorothea Orem, self-care is the practice of activities that an individual undertakes for the well-being and preservation of his or her own life. In addition, we need to use the next level of self-care, the level that is able to effectively change our routine or behavior. Studies show that working less than 40 hours per week, expressing feelings, exercising, participating in support groups, incorporating spiritual activities into the work environment, healthy eating, cognitive behavioral strategy, and sleep hygiene are ways to achieve greater satisfaction and improvement. . health.

In this context, in addition to the described practices, recommendations for the use and standardization of integrative and complementary practices (PICs) have been studied. This is traditional knowledge-based care, with different diagnostic and treatment regimens. However, they share a vision of the integration of body and mind and the intention of solving the cause of the problem, not merely treating the signs and symptoms resulting from an organic and mental imbalance.

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Among the pics, in Nursing, we found good results associated with Full focus of the mindMeditation, yoga, acupuncture and hearing therapy. Such activities will be relaxing at first, after which they should remain light and substantial in order to balance body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, let us remember that in order to take care of the other it is necessary to take care of ourselves, and integrative practices can be the motive behind our self-care. And who knows, for a better life.


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