February 27, 2024
Check out forecasts for new INSS values

Check out forecasts for new INSS values

The readjustment of the minimum wage is the basis for determining the benefits paid by the Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social.INSS). The values ​​are updated year by year. Based on salary predictions in 2023, here’s what the benefits will look like.

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Forecasts are based on the government’s proposed budget. The adjustment in the minimum wage should be 6.7%. This represents an increase of R$82.

Salary in 2023

We haven’t finished until the first half of the year and the issue is already the 2023 minimum wage. Families are increasingly concerned about declining purchasing power.

Salaries this year have not kept pace with increases in fuel, cooking gas, food and other products and services that affect people’s daily lives.

Based on the inflation index calculated to date, the salary in 2023 should have an adjustment of R$82. Currently, the value is 1212 Brazilian Real. Thus, the forecast for 2023 is that it will be R$1,294.

In other words, this becomes the minimum benefits paid by the National Insurance Institute (INSS), as well as continuous cash benefits (BPC) and unemployment insurance. Thus, the retirement will be a minimum of R$ 1,294 and a ceiling of R$ 7,562.

Despite the bill containing budget guidance for 2023, the value is just an expectation. The identification is made only at the end of each year, based on the accumulated months.

And only in January 2023 was the feature update released. The government takes into account the inflation result for the year released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).