June 14, 2024

PIS / Pasep: Workers Forgot 438 Million Rls as Salary Bonus

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Even in times of economic crisis, about 478,724 Brazilians did not withdraw the salary bonus for the base year – 2020. According to the information, the payments covered more than 22 million workers, that is, 98% of the amounts have already been recovered.

In short, to get the base year 2020 benefit, you must:

  • To be registered in PIS / Pasep or at CNIS (date of first job) for at least five years;
  • Worked for at least 30 days in 2020 for a legal entity;
  • have earned, on average, a maximum minimum monthly wage in the period of employment in 2020;
  • Have the data properly reported by the employer (legal entity/government) in the Annual Report of Social Information (RAIS) or in the eSocial for the base year being considered for the account.

Those who have not withdrawn the salary bonus yet PIS / Pasep The forgotten can consult the situation through the digital business card or through the Gov.br portal. The procedure is quite simple, but it is necessary to update personal data if necessary.

In practice, just click on the “Benefits” tab and then “Salary Bonus”. According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, workers are required to withdraw a total of R$438 million.

It should be noted that workers with a formal contract receive PIS through Caixa Econômica Federal and public servants receive Pasep through Banco do Brasil. Amounts will be available for redemption until December 29, 2022.

What is a PIS PASEP allowance and who is eligible?

Public, federal, state and municipal civil servants are registered with PASEP. As well as employees of public companies and joint ventures.

instead PIS PASEP A benefit granted to workers registered for 5 years or more. In order for a worker to have this benefit, the company must have properly declared that worker in RAIS, its annual Social Information Report.

Up to a minimum wage valid in the primary pay year

It is important that a worker receives up to an average minimum wage in the reference year for payment and has worked for at least 30 days. That is, if the average value exceeds the minimum wage in the reference year, or if the worker has not worked for at least 30 days, he will not be entitled to this allowance.

PIS number through CPF

Workers who are entitled to unemployment insurance, FGTS, and salary allowance need to know PIS to receive benefits. Therefore, today it is possible to consult the identification of the document with a simple query on the Meu INSS website using CPF.

To check the PIS number through CPF Just access the site My INSSClick on “Entrar com gov.br”. The user needs to enter the CPF and select the “Continue” option or create a recording. After accessing the account, the worker must click on “My Registration” on the main page, where it will be possible to check data such as name, CPF and NIT / PIS.

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