June 18, 2024

Mercado Pago launched an investment market, with a CDB of 1 Brazilian real, which yields 150% of the CDI

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Mercado Pago

Mercado Pago continues to shorten the paths leading to residents’ financial inclusion, and in May launched its Investment Marketplace, a broad and integrated platform with diverse product offerings, management solutions and resource planning.

The first products are CDBs with investments of 1 RRL, which deliver 150% returns from CDI – more than double the savings – and promotional profitability for the entire month of May, through simple, secure and transparent.

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Mercado Pago launched CDB which produces 150% of CDI

CDBs are issued by the Mercado Foundation credit SCFI, which is distributed by Mercado Pago in partnership with Órama Investimentos and is protected by the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC).

Right from the Mercado Pago account, the user can choose between one-month, two-month, three-month and one-year redemptions, and each CDB will attend a tutorial screen to help you choose the best option according to your moment in life. The total return of 150% from CDI is a launch promotion and is available until the end of May, for customers and new users of Mercado Pago, and for investments up to R$5,000.

“We seek to promote true democratization, through affordable investment, and without fine print, always following in the footsteps of our millions of users.” Highlights Tullio Oliveira, Senior Vice President of Mercado Bajo. “In partnership with Órama, we will offer a simple and secure experience, with excellent profitability for those who start the business,” he explains.

Mercado Pago and Órama Partnership

Habib Nassif, CEO of Órama, says the partnership marks the beginning of the journey towards a complete and integrated investment platform. “We specialize in creating solutions so that more people can access quality investments. But in addition to offering good products, we also have to democratize distribution channels. With this view, Mercado Pago Market places the financial market in people’s daily lives. The CDBs that are being launched now are only the beginning and there is a lot that is yet to come,” he says.

Also this quarter, Mercado Pago will introduce a solution to help Brazilians with their financial planning. “Through our investment marketplace, we will have options for Brazilians to focus their financial lives in one place, as well as organize finances, maintain emergency reserves or make an egg with specific life goals,” Oliveira adds.

How to invest in Mercado Pago CDB

To access the CDBs, interested parties need to select “Invest” in the Mercado Pago app. The first step is to answer a few questions in order to create a risk profile, and to make it easier for the user to determine the investment that best suits their needs. Next, the user determines the CDB maturity and sets the value, being able to invest from 1 RRL.

Learn about the minimum investment recovery conditions:

Mercado Pago CDB شروط Terms
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It will be possible to simulate the final value of the investment and the maturity date of the CDB forward. The user will also have an overview of all their CDBs, total initial investment and total income.

Mercado Pago also supports its users with files Mercado Pago Connection Blog, which contains the Seu Bolso space, with educational content on investments, including CDB, as well as cryptocurrencies. The Mercado Pago Account Help Channel offers a dedicated service for inquiries and Órama will also be an exclusive channel for inquiries about CDBs and other financial products.

About the Mercado Pago

Mercado Bajo, the eldest financial technology In Latin America, its mission is to democratize access to financial and payment services, contribute to financial inclusion and strengthen the power of entrepreneurship in the region. With over 34.5 million unique users, Mercado Pago offers a complete FinTech solution, with a digital wallet, free account with daily rewards, credit offer, insurance, and online payment services.

Fintech is also present at millions of physical points of sale with its portfolio of Point machines and QR code solutions. Mercado Pago, a subsidiary of the Mercado Livre Group (Nasdaq: MELI), has been operating in Brazil since 2004 and is also present in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

about rama

Created in 2011 by experienced professionals in the financial market, Órama has been one of the pioneers in providing digital investment in Brazil. The platform gives access to the best products for the entire audience, regardless of the customer’s income range, profile and goals. It operates in a transparent and independent manner to democratize access to investments and increase profitability.

Awarded by Amazon Web Services as one of the most innovative companies in the field of financial services and twice in a row as the best broker, in addition to being chosen as the best broker in Brazil in the “customer service” category, according to a survey. Implemented by Yubb in 2021. Precursor under the zero rate concept, Órama promotes financial education through campaigns, e-books, blogs, videos, and on its YouTube channel, which contains clear, simple and qualified content to guide investors.

In 2021, it launched the D-Zero teaching platform, powered by B3, with options for courses taught by renowned experts in the market. In 2020, in a pioneering initiative, Órama launched its website purpose platform And the ESG stamp, which includes the funds on the platform.

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