May 28, 2023

Check out the secret Disney vacations available to a few!

There’s a lot more luxurious Disney World out there for those who can afford it, and that includes custom accommodations and more. These are the calls Secret Disney vacationwhich despite its inaccessibility, leave everyone who wants to live this experience.

Golden Oak Community

The Golden Oak community includes homes across Walt Disney World. It is located in Lake Buena Vista (Florida) and is a real luxury. Because they are so rare, they cost a lot to stay in, well in the eight figures.

Image: reproduction

However, fans of this world who can really afford it don’t think twice. Rental can be done all year round, and an immersive life at Disney World is guaranteed with a theme that mimics everything found in the movies.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando

Also within the Golden Oak community, the Four Seasons Resort Orlando is perfect for short stays because it’s a hotel. It has Explorer Island, a popular water park with many attractions for the family.

Secret Disney vacation.
Photo: Four Seasons/Reproduction

The Royal Suite connects to the resort with a nine-bedroom residence, for those who want to bring the whole family. However, it is necessary to invest in the reserve of $19,000 a night (Approximately 100 thousand riyals in our currency).

Getting to Cinderella’s castle

Not many know that it is possible to take a guided tour inside Cinderella’s castle, perhaps the most famous within the park and the backdrop for many photos. In addition, there is also the possibility of staying overnight in a suite inside.

Secret Disney vacation.
Photo: Walt Disney World/Reproduce

However, you have to be invited for it, and the mystery is exactly that: you don’t know how you’re invited until it actually happens.

Despite this, a lot is said about Bidding for charity On sites like Omaze. In this case, the support will go to the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation, after which the winner will receive a night in the Cinderella Castle Suite.