June 3, 2023
Check which workers are entitled to up to R$10,000

Check which workers are entitled to up to R$10,000

The Review of the severance compensation fund (FGTS) could generate up to R$10,000 for workers in 2022. This measure could benefit workers with a formal contract from 1999. The idea is to replace the reference rate (TR) used in the calculation, which has been zero for years .

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The topic has gained traction lately. Mainly because the workers go without any real profit with zero rate.

FGTS review can lead to workers

To receive an FGTS review, workers must file the application with the court. It is the right to cash correction of the accounts linked to the fund. Despite this, the review is not automatic.

The problem is that the review still depends on the ruling of the Federal Supreme Court (STF). Experts direct that a review request is made before this happens.

Thus, there is still no expectation of when the trial will take place. But workers expect it still this year.

If the revision is approved, it can result in the return of lost amounts of corrections that have been left out over the years. On average, each person entitled to a review can receive up to R$10,000.

But the calculation takes into account workers’ wages as well as working time. Since each year the shares of FGTS are subject to a monetary correction.

At the moment, the government has not established any administrative means that allow for the correction to be requested. Therefore, many workers are seeking justice in an effort to obtain an FGTS audit.