June 1, 2023
Elon Musk came to Brazil to deal with the Amazon and meet Bolsonaro, reports

Elon Musk came to Brazil to deal with the Amazon and meet Bolsonaro, reports

Elon Musk He arrives in Brazil on Friday (20) to discuss the Amazon and meet President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). This information is from a column by Lauro Jardim, of the newspaper O Globo.

The meeting of the businessman – who is the richest person in the world – with Bolsonaro should take place at the Fasano Boa Vista Hotel, in the interior of São Paulo, and was to be organized by the Minister of Communications, Fabio Faria.

In a live broadcast on social media tonight, Bolsonaro did not name Musk, but hinted that he would meet with a “very important person” tomorrow to talk about the Amazon.

“I have a meeting tomorrow with a very important person who is recognized around the world and is coming here to provide assistance to our Amazon,” the president said.

According to the columnist, Palácio do Planalto kept the meeting a secret, but in April, the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (União Brasil), said in a tweet that Musk would be interested in bringing SpaceX to Brazil. “We will work to further this work,” he wrote.

SpaceX is a billionaire company that manufactures aeronautics, space transportation and communications systems, including a low-cost satellite project to integrate Internet systems called Starlink.

Fighting on Twitter

Tesla owner (TSLA34), Musk is currently making headlines around the world for his attempt to buy Twitter. The South African entrepreneur offered $44 billion for the platform, but stipulated the deal with Evidence that the social network should provide Bots (bots) represent less than 5% of their users.

The statement adds to the uncertainty about the deal. On Friday (13), the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX already said that the acquisition of the social network was temporarily put on hold due to the same issue. Although Musk later backtracked and said he was committed to buying, Twitter posts fell back..

A tentativa de compra do Twitter pelo Musk foi celebrada por apoiadores de Bolsonaro, uma vez que o empresário disse que pretende mudar as politicas da plataforma, que limitam o compartilhammento de false news e desinformação.

O próprio Bolsonaro disse em uma live que a tentativa de compra do Twitter por Musk “mudou o humor do Brasil”, e Continou dizendo que perfis de direita na plataforma ganharam mais seguidores após o anúncio da operação porrit porque mos ção teriam has not provided data to support this.

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