March 3, 2024

Chilean president attached to a sled

head>Gabriel BurekHe was stuck playing on a sled in Punta Arenas, the president’s hometown, on Sunday, 7 seconds later, the Chilean president was able to free himself from the game.

The scene was recorded and spread on social media. During the video, a woman laughs and jokes about the incident as she questions Borek’s maturity.

Borik visited his hometown on Sunday to vote in an election that elected 50 members who will draft a new constitution for the country.

The far-right Republican Party, in favor of preserving the current constitution to Chile won the constituent elections with 35.6% of the vote. The new components will put the new Magna Carta project to replace the project inherited from the dictatorship of>Augusto Pinochet.

In second place was the Unity for Chile list (28%), formed by most of the parties that make up the ruling coalition (Front Ampla of the left-wing president. Gabriel Boric, Communist Party and Socialist Party), while third place went to the traditional right-wing Chilean Seguro (21.6%).

José Antonio Cast, leader of the Republican Party, celebrates the party’s victory in obtaining a majority of the electorate
filming: Esteban Felix / AP

Together the far right and the traditional right have an outright majority and muster the more than 30 seats needed to approve the new constitutional rules without having to agree with the left, which would allow them to chart the course of the proposed new magna garde.

During a televised speech, Borek asked the GOP for a dialogue. “The previous process failed because we didn’t know how to listen to those who think differently. Now I want to call on the Republican Party not to make the same mistake we did,” the president said.

Burek’s first proposal was rejected

The first attempt to change the text after several protests in Chile against former President Sebastian Pinera, began in 2019. But the Charter>It was rejected by 62% of voters in Septemberalready during the term of office of the new president, Gabriel Boric, who supported the proposal.

The first component consisted of 155 deputies elected in May 2021, during the pandemic. More than two-thirds of those elected were independents, many of whom were newcomers to politics and activists.