July 14, 2024

China announces new sanctions after Covid-19 cases surge | Globalism

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China announces new sanctions after Covid-19 cases surge |  Globalism
China announces new sanctions after Covid-19 cases surge |  Globalism

authorities China he decided Thousands of people imprisoned in the north of the country Residents of the capital demanded to limit travel after new cases COVID-19.

This measure was announced on Monday (25th), only 100 days before the start of the Winter Olympicswhich will be held next year in Beijing.

China identified 39 new cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours – last week there were more than 100 cases in seven days. Many infectious diseases are associated with travellers’ travel.

New outbreaks of infection were detected in 11 provinces, Most of them are in North China like Ejin and Lanzhou:

  • In Ijen (Inner Mongolia), 35,000 people were prevented from leaving for two weeks
  • In Lanzhou (Gansu), bus and taxi services have been suspended and tourist attractions closed

Chinese government that adopts a Zero Tolerance Policy Towards Viruses, responded quickly by imposing restrictions, as well as organizing test campaigns in affected areas.

Authorities are trying to contain the virus infection with widespread testing and targeted containment.

Beijing, the host city of the Games, urged residents to avoid non-essential travel and crowded gatherings and parties.

China managed Significantly reduce Covid-19 infection after being considered the epicenter of the epidemic With a robust testing campaign and tight border controls.

In addition, those who come from an area with an active outbreak of Covid-19 within the country must submit a file Negative entry testauthorities announced.

And the authorities had announced, on Sunday (24), the suspension of organized tourist trips to Regions with Covid-19 cases Recorded, including Beijing.

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