June 14, 2024

China records first arrest of fake news from ChatGPT | technology

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China records first arrest of fake news from ChatGPT |  technology

ChatGPT chatbot – Image: Florence Lu/Reuters

A man suspected of using ChatGPT to generate fake news has been arrested in Gansu Province, China. He created fake news about a train accident.

This incident was the first arrest in China, sparked by an artificial intelligence (AI) investigation.

The story, which alleged the accident killed nine construction workers in the city of Gansu, said the local police department in Pingliang City had more than 15,000 clicks after it was posted on social media on April 25.

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According to a statement from the local Chinese police, the suspect, surnamed Hong, had edited the news generated by ChatGPT, and uploaded it to a platform affiliated with the Chinese company Baidu.

New rules in China

The arrest is the result of new rules the country is implementing to combat false information related to deepfakes.

The rules, which took effect on January 10, aim to restrict the use of artificial intelligence technology to alter content online.

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