February 27, 2024
"Christmas Comet," Leonard To Appear This Week On MS;  See how to watch Mediamax Newspaper

“Christmas Comet,” Leonard To Appear This Week On MS; See how to watch Mediamax Newspaper

the Comita Leonard, which was discovered in early 2021, is close to Earth and can be seen with the naked eye between Sunday and Tuesday (14). Thus he earned the nickname “Christmas Guilty”.

The bright object can be seen in the sky above Mato Grosso do Sul and throughout Brazil, without the need to use a telescope or other equipment. However, monitoring will depend on weather conditions.

How do you spot comet Leonard?

First, it must be made clear that he will be seen a little before dawn. The main recommendation for obtaining a distinct view of the comet’s passage is to look for places free from visual pollution, with a clear horizon and sky. Binoculars and telescopes can help locate and track you.

According to the researchers, the brightness of the dust “tail” of this type of star is 4 degrees, which is comparable to the brightness of an average star.

A Twitter profile called “Comet C/2021 A1 (LEONARD)” provides updates on the comet’s current state and tips for seeing it.

Estimates were made possible by the path that scientists estimated after American astronomer Gregory J. Leonard discovered the celestial body between Mars and Jupiter.

Experts estimate that in January 2022 the comet will reach the point closest to the sun. Since the path is one-sided, it will never be seen again.