February 28, 2024
Claudia Litt refutes criticism after calling it 'genocide'

Claudia Litt refutes criticism after calling it ‘genocide’

after, after Claudia Litt called it ‘genocide’ for her performance at an event in Sao PauloThe singer stated that the show in the form of a trio Elétrico complies with “all health standards imposed by the state government in SP”. “It was only possible to enter the site with proof of complete vaccination of COVID-19 In addition, the event was held with a reduced capacity, in which only 3 thousand people participated, ”as stated in an extract from the memo, which was sent to capital Cities.

The document also mentions that there are other shows taking place in Brazil, and the artists were not criticized. “It is noteworthy that, like Claudia’s show, many other shows were held in Brazil and were not criticized or censored in relation to public health care. And not only performances, but also rodeos and football stadiums”, he adds.


“Claudia is an artist who is responsible and aware of her role, she will never hold an event without a license from the bodies assigned to her and without the necessary care. It is enough to think about these criticisms and selective attacks, completely unimaginable and with no respect for the artist,” he concludes.


Claudia Litt, accompanied by her electric trio, was the main attraction of the Blow Out party, which took place on Saturday (11/27), in the Espaço das Américas parking lot, in the capital, São Paulo. After photos and videos of the show went viral on Sunday (28/11), the singer was accused of promoting crowdfunding while a new strain of coronavirus is worrying experts.

no twitter, The hashtag #ClaudiaLeitteGenocida appeared among the most commented topics. Posts in which the singer spoke about the event were flooded with critical comments about the situation.

Watch the party logs with Claudia Litt

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