June 23, 2024

‘A Place in the Sun’: Ravi Runs and Shines in Lara | Come to me around – come

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'A Place in the Sun': Ravi Runs and Shines in Lara |  Come to me around - come

🌞 granddaughter nuka (Marietta Severo), of course, was surprised to be befriended by her friend in town.

🌞 Spotted, the driver will flee from Minas Gerais and leave a wife Matthews (Danton MeloSuspicious that he was hiding something.

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‘Um Lugar ao Sol’: Ravi breaks his promise to Christian, and Lara is stunned – Photo: Globo

πŸš— Ravi Christian/Renato promised to leave the police station straight for his car, only to avoid being seen by Lara.

Hearing the miner’s screams, the driver would not think twice before running towards the car.

Shocked by her friend’s situation, Lara will run after him and is disappointed when he starts the car and accelerates.

Ravi tells Christian that Lara saw him in ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ – Photo: Globo

Blame the butterfly! πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹

Handing the document to Christian, Ravi will assume that the insect was distracting him and he ended up being seen by Lara, making his friend very angry.

“I sent it wrong. I’m sorry, but I swear it was off (…) Actually, it was just a second, but I can see, Chris, that she didn’t change a thing. Her heart nearly jumped out of her mouth when she saw me, or she thought she saw me. ‘ will explain.

Lara breathes with Noca in ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ – Photo: Globo

Ravi’s position makes Lara suspect that the boy was hiding something from her:

He concludes with his grandmother, “And I’m more sure because he ran away, which is consistent with his behavior recently. After Chris passed away, Ravi never looked for me. There is something strange about this story.”

🚸 To Nuka’s surprise, Lara decides to spend a week in Rio de Janeiro to investigate the case again:

β€œSince you are going to Rio tomorrow, to see the subject of employment with Donna Dalva, I will go with you.”

β€œWill she tell you the real reason for the trip to Matthew?

“Of course not. This is my story. It is a story that seems to be unfinished.”

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Ravi runs away from Lara. Santiago tells Erica that she can go back to teaching with Luanne. With the intention of searching for Ravi, Lara tells Matthews that she will accompany Noka to help her grandmother move to Rio, where Rebecca conducts a therapy session with Anna Virginia. Erica accepts Santiago’s offer of a Luanne scholarship. Lara recalls Christian entering the house he was living in in Rio, and Noka gets a job in the kitchen of a restaurant. She tells Lara Guys that she needs to find Ravi to understand what happened the night Christian was murdered.

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