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Madrugada has Arcrebian crap, Rico and more

Madrugada has Arcrebian crap, Rico and more

Dawn was marked by an exchange of barbs between Bill Araujo and Rico Melquiades during a talk about food, as well as the comedian making fun of the former BBB after a bullshit in “farm 13 inches (RecordTV).

There was also Aline Mineiro afraid of voting for her friends in the next farm formation and Sthe Matos afraid of facing the hot seat a second time. Furthermore, Dynho Alves came back to talk about ex-wife MC Mirella, who filed for divorce from him still confined after the dancer’s approach to the influencer.

Come check in with us for a summary of what happened!

crap for food

in the headquarters kitchen, Rico Melquiades and Bill Araujo exchanged some barbs During a discussion about the amount of food that is sent through the production reality show To lock up every Tuesday.

After Aline Mineiro said production had reduced the amount of butter sent to headquarters, Rico went to the pantry, grabbed a bowl whose identifying name appeared to be “sugar” and complained:

Guys, that’s not much.

Bill Arago replied, “It is.” “In my house it’s just me, Bruno and my mother,” said Rico Melquiades. “Mom buys 5, 6 kg. Here they never had them.” “Yes, it is. Do you think you’re at home?” Previous asked-“BBB 21 “(Rede Globo).” Guys, you don’t know shopping,” the pawn pushed.

Bill Araujo did not enjoy the confrontation with the pawn and remembered that he had been living alone since he was a minor.

Oh, I don’t. I’ve lived on my own since I was 17!

“But this is just for you, understand? I’m shopping. I shop with my mom and I understand what works and what doesn’t,” Rico said. “Oh, you understand. You don’t understand a thing, no,” Bell sneered.

The Farm 2021: Rico Melquiades and Bill Araujo exchange scraps in a food conversation - Procreation / Playplus - Procreation / Playplus

The Farm 2021: Rico Melquiades and Bill Araujo hang out over a food conversation

Photo: Playback / Playplus

Carmenha from Vasanda

besides Sharing needles with Bil Araújo in a conversation about foodRico Melquiades He heard the pawn insinuating that he wanted to go from being a “villain to a victim” in the game They laugh at saying that I Love Being Carmineha (character of Adriana Esteve in the TV series “Avenida Brasil” on Rede Globo).

Rico Melquiades asked: “From villain to victim? From villain to victim?” “Nothing. I’m just kidding,” Bill Araujo ran away. “I’ve been flying so much that I’ve fallen from being a villain to a victim, but if it’s me, that’s fine. Am I a victim now? Oh my God,” laughed the ex-“On vacation with ex(MTV).

Rico, in turn, was amused by the pedestrian’s hint and began to mock what could be the character of Carmineha, from the soap opera “Avenida Brasil”.

Carmineha-type villain. Carmineha was lovable!

“Guys, I loved Carmineha,” Allen exclaimed. Rico yelled at the cameras, “Me too. Can you imagine I’m a carmineha? Oh my God, carmineha, I like you.”

A Fazenda 2021: Rikuo jokes that he'd love to be seen as Carmineha on reality show - Reproduction / Playplus - clones / Playplus

A Fazenda 2021: Riku jokes that he’d love to be seen as Carmineha on the reality show

Photo: Playback / Playplus

“The beast will catch”

The formation of the Eleventh Swind was the subject of Alain Mineiro and Rico Melquiades. in the headquarters kitchen, The former panic revealed his fear of having to vote for his friends by throttling the game And the comedian advised her to let her heart decide in case of any surprises.

My friend, do you know what I was going to tell you that I spoke to Marina? Tomorrow it’s kind of just going to be our friends and Dynho and Sthefane. If that gives a shit, if I get married give her immunity [com lampião do poder]. How do we vote amongst ourselves?Allen Mineiro announced.

“He will,” Bell replied, noting that the target would be Dino Alves. “No, my friend,” Allen asked, “if you have two stakes?” “No, no,” said the comedian.

Then Aline Mineiro remembered that In the last vote I managed to fortify it and solange Gomez left only one. Strong yellow flame.

you do not know. It was me, right? It could come another way, understand? It is not necessary to explain that there are two. It can be hidden with something else.

2021 Farm: Aline Mineiro Reveals Her Fears of Having to Vote for Friends

Fazenda 2021: Ellen Mineiro reveals her fears of having to vote for her friends

Photo: Playback / Playplus

Fear of farming

Sthe Matos reported his fears that he might end up in The eleventh farm of the reality show. She, however, I heard Dynho Alves reassure her that there is no danger in going into the hot seat.

Sthe Matos asked, “Am I the next victim, Dynho?” “No, Cê is crazy,” said Dinho Alves.

Not satisfied with the answer, the digital influencer even wondered if the dancer would see her with opportunities to head out to the next farm.

But if I go to the countryside, do you think I’ll come back?

“Go back,” said Dinho Alves. Sthe Matos asked: “Do you think?” “I think. I’m sure,” assured the pawn.

A Fazenda 2021: Sthe Matos is happy to hear Dynho Alves say he doesn't see her being left out of the game - clone / playplus - clone / playplus

A Fazenda 2021: Sthe Matos is happy to hear Dynho Alves say he doesn’t see her out of the game

Photo: Playback / Playplus

The reality of couples in the past

Dinho Alves, from Still unaware of the divorce filed by MC MirellaAnd It was announced that funkeira will not accept a new invitation from RecordTV to join “Power Couple” with himA reality show for the couples they participated in in the first half of 2021.

During a conversation with MC Gui and Sthe Matos, the dancer advised the pair to enter the other reality show If they are invited because they have different proofs.

Go to “Power Couple”. There is evidence all day. You will love. It’s not the same here, that stress. There is radical evidence.

“I’d rather go to the aisles,” MC Gui refused. Siti Matos asked: “Is there a dynamism in the dispute?” “There. DR is like a farm here. There’s a party once a week. There are three days of competitions. Women’s competitions, men’s competitions, couples only events,” explained Dinho Alves.

Finally, Dynho said he didn’t think MC Mirella would accept a new invitation from RecordTV to go into confinement with him.

“Do you think they’ll call you again?” asked Siti Matos. He concluded, “No, I don’t think so because we’ve already gone. I don’t think Mirella wants that either.”

Farm 2021: Dynho says Mirella won't accept new invite from Power Couple - Clone / Playplus - Clone / Playplus

The Farm 2021: Dynho says Mirella won’t accept the new Power Couple invite

Photo: Playback / Playplus

After Gui Araujo leaves, who deserves to win the reality show?


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


    Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV

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