June 18, 2024

Claudia Litt sues Bahia judge | Fabia Oliveira

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Claudia Litt sues Bahia judge |  Fabia Oliveira
Claudia Let
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Claudia Let

After being criticized for not taking a stand, Claudia Litt
He had to summon the Bahia judge. The singer found out that she is still listed as the owner of a Peugeot brand car, which was sold in 2006. Then the artist filed a lawsuit in 2017, because the car had not yet been transferred to the buyer’s name. According to the case being handled in the Second Facts Court of Consumer Relations, Civil – Lauro de Freitas, the juror “The Voice +” was already surprised by a collection notice issued by the second office to protest the addresses and documents of Salvador, at the expense of the debts of this car. So far, the buyer has not been found.

Claudine’s lawyer informed the court that the singer tried to cancel some of the debts that were in her name, after she went to the Traffic Department and was informed that the property had already been sold, but to no avail. Also, in accordance with the process, Leitte demands that the car be immediately transferred to the buyer’s name, as well as ordering her to reimburse her for all debts related to the car. The value of the case is 21 thousand Brazilian riyals. The information is from the Hora Top TV website and Novela.

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