June 13, 2024

Marcus Mion standing with the Globo badge on a visit to PROJAC

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Marcus Mion standing with the Globo badge on a visit to PROJAC

Presenter Marcus Mion, 42, visited TV Globo Studios today, for the first time After signing the contract with Ryo. accompanied by a woman, Susana Jolo, Myon put the new insignia in front of a statue of Roberto Marinho, founder of Rede Globo, and celebrated this moment:

Badge + statue of Dr. Roberto + golf cart.. Oh my God? is happening!! By ******************** A!!! Sorry Dr Roberto, but what I feel as I achieve the dream of my life is hard to describe in words! Marcus Mion on Instagram

earlier, The presenter was greeted with a red carpet at his hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Still from inside the car, Miyun cried when she saw the surprise, “Look at that brother. There’s an intact car with balloons in it. I have a reception. I have a reception, Multicho. I love you, Maltecho.”

At dawn, Myeon also showed the bag she had packed on her first visit to the stationExcited for this moment. “It’s not just a bag, I pack a bag with the clothes I’m going into Projac, check in Tatá and take part in Fatimona, on Friday. I’m going to take a selfie with her, she’s the presenter started simulating a conversation with the ‘meet’ leader.”

As part of the appearance, The bidder chose a special sneakerModel Red October, designed by Kanye West which auctioned for R$39 million after it was out of circulation in catalog stores.

“I know you’ve always thought about when I’m going to wear ‘Red October’, and I found the occasion: The first time I enter Globo Studios, Projac. I’m going to wear these sneakers to step in with manners,” he joked.

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