June 14, 2024

Clipper Toledo on the departure of Camila Queiroz: “We artists are not beings”

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Clipper Toledo on the departure of Camila Queiroz: "We artists are not beings"

the actor Clipper Toledo, Husband Camila Queiroz, Commented on Actress’s sudden departure from Secret Truths 2TV series I’ve played in Angel, the protagonist of the plot Walcyr the hangman. The Toledo protest took place on social media.

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After publishing an official statement from the actress, Kleber left a comment congratulating his partner on her stance: “Congratulations for being brave in showing that we are artists, not beingsThe actor who is also Camilla’s business manager wrote. “I love you“, Complete.

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An ad from Camila Queiroz

Camila denied in the statement the story of her expulsion from the network. “His contract was entered into on November 10, 2021 and was not renewed during the deadline for the completion of Secret Truths 2 recordings,” he stated in a note.

Camila Queiroz is no longer on the cast of ‘Secret Truths 2’ (Image: Instagram / @camilaqueiroz)

The text also states that the summary that Camilla received upon accepting the invitation was different from the directions the plot had taken at the beginning of the recordings. He continued, “However, the artist continued to record and is confident that the content of the plot will be referred to the original ending that was agreed upon from the beginning, as the company and its employees promised the actress at all times.” The memo says the house manager even sent a pre-contract expressing an interest in keeping Queiroz in season 3.

Camila would have been surprised when she received the last scenes of the series and realized that plot directions had changed.

“The actress realizes that these recent events illustrate that The company tried to punish them exclusively for their unilateral decision to re-format their contract with TV Globo. Previously, this decision was not issued by the company, as it was announced at the time.”

The memo also confirms that Camila continues to fulfill her professional obligations and has never refused to record. “He persistently tried to get through the adversities with the company by mutual agreement, which unfortunately was not possible.” Queiroz thanked “Angel” fans and regretted “the channel’s unilateral decision to abruptly boycott the story that has been built so far.”

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